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Need for Speed 3D (2014) Hollywood

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Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller.

     If Marvel turns their comic books into the movies and WWE with their men then why not EA. It was co-produced by EA with the other leading production houses. Nice move for the first step and well done overall. Nowadays I am not into the computer games, but I was playing when I was young and 'NFS Most Wanted ' is one of my favorites. No need to say any further that I was looking for this movie.

     I thought the story will be borrowed straight from the game and move a level after another to the peak till the end commence. But what I saw was only the 5%, I mean only the introduction with lots of drama than what the title symbolizes. Because it is a business, a smart move by the production house. The idea is to split everything into at least for 4 to 5 movies in the series. Like what the final part of the Harry Potter's 'The Deathly Hallows' and The Twilight's 'Breaking Dawn' did. They are going to do it here from the very beginning, so don't expect like the Himalayas, especially if you are NFS MW freak.

     Tobey Marshall, a custom car maker who is behind the loan payment takes up the street race challenge to make a few quick bucks. But the race ends in a tragedy and now he's locked behind the bars for someone else fault. After out of the prison he's raged to avenge. Now he needs a car, the faster one, so the story proceeds with his new adventures which involves cops pursuing him. But he set his mind that to make the real offender to pay for his crime. This road movie, which commence in New York and ends in San Francisco was told grandly.

     No offense, but I did not like the lead guy, except him the rest were great. It is not fair to find defect in him to blame, actually he was good, but I expected someone good looking than him or existing young popular star from the industry. If you see in other franchises, in the middle of the movie series they replacing with industry's giant and I won't surprise if that happens in the future for this. In the game we are the protagonists and to see him in my position I kind of find uncomfortable. Maybe it could have happened same to me if the other guys were in his place. So it is not the lead guy, but he's not anywhere near to me is the issue. Lol.

‘‘The racers should race,
cops should eat donuts.’’

     Overall movie is not one breathtaking entertainment. I liked the pieces of the movie, the scenes. There are a few great scenes that give excitement and pleasure. Commonly we see a computer hacker who hangs out with the movie's protagonist to assist in his expertise area. The same guy here was excellent who came up with extraordinary ideas, but not satisfied with what happens to him at the end. I could not believe this young and not-so-popular cast done the wonderful job. I don't know why I liked Imogen Poots a lot who even not had a best shot from the movie other than sticking out all the way through with the lead guy. Hopefully in a sequel she's going to expose her physical strength for the stunts. It must come or else no use of having her around.

     The first movie in a movie series is always very important and I don't know why they did not go to complete the action-adventure pack with sufficient pace. To me the story was not pleased enough, but screen presentation with the game like the angle of the camera panning promised me to stick with it. There were no locations that are taken from the game except in one scene where the car jumps over the road. If you have played the game will know it what I am saying. The digital 3D was okay. What I learnt from this format is that only graphical movies either animated or live action are awesome to watch. The normal regular live shot movies are totally useless in digital 3D. In this movie the best effects came in those stunt sequences and rest were plain. So digital 3D is not that worth. The car movie that does not look like a where it belongs to. A decent one, hopefully the second movie could be what I am expecting. Better it should come up with something great or the franchise is going to fall in the pit. This movie is exclusively for youngsters and I see no reason for others to take interest on it. I mean the elders other than who is not interested in cars and races..

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