Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oshin (2013) Japan

Time to think about family, not by yourself.

Biography, Drama.

     An incredible biographical movie about a seven-year-old Japanese girl called Oshin that is set in the Meiji period (1907). The life journey of a little kid who went through the family difficulties. It was, actually a movie adaptation of the popular 80s television series. Not only the Japan, but it rocked all the neighbor countries and became one of  the most watched program. Knowing by reading about the series created more interest in me than this movie that I saw. Hope some day gonna get an opportunity to see it.

     A young girl Oshin is forced to drop out school to help her family's financial situation. Her contribution is that she's sent to a rich house as a live-in servant. She has to work hard in order to feed her family. It is not a smooth job as she had no experience before. Sooner, the problem arises that put her job and family in peril. How she works out on the issue and learns to blend in thinking only the outcome, not individually by herself is what the whole movie speaks about.

‘‘Wars are won by killing people.
That's not great.’’

     Here is the movie for 'tearjerkers'. It was a sentimental movie that uncovers the crisis of a poor family. The responsibility is always shared equally whether you are in your early age or too old in a family that suffers from food and income shortage. We won't get out to the streets to learn about below poverty level people so this movie is a good lesson to study. The people who liked 'The Pursuit of Happyness' will definitely like this movie as well.

     The story takes place 100 years ago and in the unknown cultural territory. So cultural wise it is a new dimension to observe and struggle wise it is same everywhere in the world. The kid acted so awesomely. I also heard that her mother was used to be the character Oshin in television series. All in all it is a very good family drama to spend our 2 hour valuable time for it. Must go for it by tearjers and children movie fans.

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