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Sullivan's Travels (1941) Hollywood

In the quest for self-discovery everything chooses by itself.

Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance.

"A happy-go lucky hitcher hiker on the highway to happiness! He wanted to see the world...
but wound up in lover's lane!"

     We heard lots about 'Gulliver's Travels', so what is this 'Sullivan's Travels'? Well a similar kind theme that sets in the modern world (when the movie was made) where a wealthy man, Sullivan willingly takes an adventure to study about the lives on the streets as a homeless. Yes, both the titles are about the journey of self discovery. A well made movie with a fine pair of characters in the lead.

     John Sullivan, a film director who opposes his producers' idea of making his next feature as a comedy. Instead, he wanted to adapt the famous novel 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' which determines the realistic social issues. So the question arises that how much he's experienced to take the challenging project in the hand. Now he has to discover himself everything before coming to any conclusion. So then the life changing adventure begins till he gets all the answer he wanted with a little twist at the end.

‘‘Film's the greatest educational medium
the world has ever known’’

     It was good to know that the movie with a concept like this was made almost 70 years ago and still looks fresh and original. As expected the adventure I was taking about was not completed in one long ran instead it split into many pieces. That is the thing that irked me the most in few parts of the movie. Otherwise, it would have been a masterpiece according to the my taste in film viewing.

     I would have liked it better if the story was flavoured with little sentiments in those adventure parts. Although it is a comedy movie which entertains well. But still the last 20 minutes or so were the excellent which also partially reminded the 86th Academy Award winner that based on the true story. In other word the last quarter of the movie was the best part you will find in all over the storytelling. As per my conclusion about the movie, it is not a must see movie, though if you wish to watch, you won't regret in seeing it.

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Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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