Friday, August 1, 2014

The Golden Cage (2013) Mexico

A million reasons to go up north, but to stay there's none.

Adventure, Drama.

Original title:
La Jaula De Oro (Spanish)

     The movie also known as 'The Golden Dream' is about the central Americans who try to cross the borders of their neighbor countries looking for the opportunity to live a better life. From the Spanish filmmaker who is famous for his camera works on Hollywood's big projects carved this movie. This movie was based on the collections of the true information given by the immigrates. Like a documentary style it was told with many heartbreaking incidents.

     The story begins with the three youngsters from Guatemala, set a one way voyage by foot to the land of opportunity leaving behind the life of poverty. They need to cross a couple of borders and in a halfway through a new member joins them. One of the longest expedition is the train journey travelling across the Mexico where the series of obstacles are waiting for them. Overcoming from all the dangers to reach the final destination is the remain half.

‘‘I feel that everything we will see on the
other side will be full of good.’’

     Most of the movie is about the train journey. Since it was partially inspired by the real events there are some scenes which are hard to digest. It happens just like that, I once went mute for a scene. Half a world still live in a world like this which is not safer. Very realistic narration with the outstanding performances by the young actors produced a great product output. It is just like the British movie 'In this World', except set in a different continent. Same youngsters with same notion who were ready to face odds to get a bright future.

     For the director it is a fine debut. Looks simple work, but done lots of hard work to capture the images. The majority of the movie was shot in remote places like rail track, villages and jungle like landscapes. It might have not done a good commercial business, though the appreciation from the film festival circuit will boost the filmmaker's confidence for his future projects. The movie is slow and it is silent in most of the parts, but speaks loud the issues faced by these youngsters. The strength is the powerful contents that exhibited through this movie's adventure. A study material about immigration like how it works and their side of the problems.

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Tween, Teen, Adult, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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