Friday, July 18, 2014

Enough Said (2013) Hollywood

In a mid life's reconciliation.

Comedy, Drama, Romance.

"When the heart speaks, does not need words."

     From the director who always portray women's perspective of stories. Sadly, it was one of the final movie of  James Gandolfini. He just came and go in his movie that I did not notice him till 'Welcome to the Riley'. I praised his performance in that flick and again he was so great in this movie, I totally impressed. This movie is about the divorced parents and their second chance to commit in a relationship. Very nicely and realistically told story which had plenty of humor.

     Eva, a middle aged single mother who works as a masseuse meets a divorced man, Albert at a party. It all starts as a casual meeting, then they begin to find similarities. Especially whose first marriage was broke and now they regret for that. So cautiously move their relationship to the next level who are desperately looking to work it out. In the end, every relationship got faults and how they are going to keep it going patching all the flaws is what the story explains.

I know this sounds corny... But you broke my heart.’’ 

     I found it so good. When there are no popular actors, then it must be a B movie or television movie, but in this case it is hard to differentiate. It was top class in all the category. A specially made flick for middle aged people. It was a romantic-comedy, but make us contemplate back to our life. The lead pair was excellent together, perhaps chemistry between them worked out. This kind of low budget with not so popular actors won't do great commercial business, but get appreciated in a small circle gives a fine support for future similar projects.

     Beside Gandolfini, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as well enchanted with her spellbind performance. She can make a good actress with a story like this than being only a television star. She's not too far from taking a fine position like what Julia Roberts, and others doing now. I would love to see her again in a major flicks. This movie is not for everyone and I don't think teens (not every teen) would enjoy it than adults. It speaks about the life, the modern life crisis who faced divorce unintentionally. In one word, it is a beautiful portrait.

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Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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