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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 3D (2014) Hollywood

The fight for dominating the world.

Action, Drama, Science-Fiction, Thriller.

"One last chance for peace."

     The science-fiction movies are ruling recently because of the quality production and post-production technology. No wonder if drama movies are going to release straight on television in the near future. Digital 3D is leading the world cinema to the next generation technology and drama movies are not meant for that. Also, no wonder if drama movies take the same path if needed, I mean drama movies in digital 3D. Anyway, it is off the topic lets go and talk about 'Dawn'.

     The third movie in rebooted 'The Planet of the Ape' series and the eighth movie in the franchise. After the excellent 2001 movie, it took a decade for a sequel. Long wait really looked worth and that success led to another quick sequel. I saw the night show before it makes debut in the next day. The crowd was in average number, but I did not bother for that and prepared to enjoy the show. Yes, I had a good time, but not a hundred percent satisfied. So I am going to tell what I liked and not.

     This story commence after 10 years from the previous movie 'Rise'. It is now post apocalypse and no one rules the world. The apes are living in a group peacefully in the wild. One day they encounter half a dozen of human survivors who are working out to put back the human dominance. The humans and apes do not want a war, but some people inside thirst for it because of the past suffers. Like the tagline, it is one last chance for peace. Does it work or not is what the movie tries to disclose.
     Have you seen the DisneyNature's 'Project Nim'? It is like what if something terrible happened to that project and Nim becomes a leader to his kind. Here it was Caeser who leads his race towards a fresh and civilized life. A leader must listen his followers and act according to the circumstances. In this story it reveals apes are not far behind in term of vengeance, betrayal and not believing in cooperation to build a better tomorrow together. It is all about the two different race wanted to dominate. This movie leaves a little clue before it conclude that next movie could be 'War of the Planet of the Apes'. I am already saying that will be a massive hit if it offers more action and especially to watch in digital 3D would be a treat for sure. Praying for it to hit the screen within the next two years of time.

     One thing I don't understand is that so far three movies were made in this series, but every time when the sequels are made the story leaps too much forward. Don't get confused, what I am saying was between these three movies the story won't follow exactly where the before one ended. It commences very much ahead where we have to wonder what might have happened in between the gaps. Yeah, they explain those in a commentary mode in the opening, but I always felt that was not enough. Though, few things make sense, like, somewhere somewhat it reveals the connection between them all.

     Last time, I thought the characters from the first movie going to meet and it did not happen. So in this movie as well thought all of them come together and again the answer was no. Like I earlier said it leaps a long way without proper explanation. Every time new set of actors hops in like a reboot movie. It is not bad, but the story was just okay in this sequel, I mean not a genuinely written screenplay so I think that is why the popular names were missing in the cast. That is, they rejected the offer, I guess. When the press asked about that to the producer in an interview, he said the previous characters are all dead and the story moved on. But the real question is are you convinced by that? If you remember the first movie well like how it ended, somewhere Mark Wahlberg is going to come back in a future installment. That is what I have been expecting all the time.

‘‘It's just not about power!
It's about giving us the hope to rebuild.
To reclaim the world we lost.

     You know, this installment was largely ruled by animated ape characters. I can't say it was perfect, but almost. Those animated characters were in large numbers, I know the hard work behind, but still not convinced completely. Sometimes it looked made up of rubber and plastic than an organic body. World cinema is yet to give the best in that field. The master of motion capture performer, Andy Serkis had been brilliant like always. When there is a demand for character like this, he will be found in the front row. His skills really made those characters to display in a best way possible. So he was one of the highlights in the movie.

     When it came to the digital 3D, it was below par. Reason might be, it was a more dramatized story than filled with lots of actions and thrillers. Except in a couple of portion, the opening and the end scenes. In my experience this movie is not worth watching it in digital 3D. Since it was made as one you shall not say no to it because that is the future of the cinema and you should take part in the road it travelling. At least you will get inside depth on the screen, not the pop-outs and IMAX like external depths. Even if you try it in an IMAX screen I afraid the result will be the same.

     This movie was just good, not an awesome one like critics praising. The critics had a reason to do that, because they want 'Age of Extinction' fall behind so they are lifting this movie. For me, This movie was so simple, definitely not for who is looking for high octane stunt sequences and the story with twists. Entertainment is there and had great surround effects. I loved the first movie, the 2001 version and then the follow-up looked kind of afresh. So my rating kept falling movie after a movie in this series. Not in a large margin, but only by the fractions. Overall, one of the good movie that came in this mansoon. No need to be hurry to watch this, it will wait, but taking children with you I won't recommend that because it will bore them. Who knows, they may also get scared of the what they are seeing. Why I am saying? Because this movie is not all about human character.

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