Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Backyard Ashes (2013) Australia

If you are good at something, challenge your enemy with it.

Comedy, Sport.

"Where legends are born!"

     There are not many movies made for this theme. A movie about the cricketing sport from Australia means very interesting. Commonwealth nations know the Australian dominance in this particular sport. So I think it is specially dedicated to world cricket lovers and no one else. Those who like cricket would enjoy the movie maximum than those who don't know. Be prepared, the Ashes is here in the backyard.

     'The Ashes' is the annual cricket tournament played by England and Australian teams. Probably the oldest tournament it is and also prestigious to win for the respective nations. So this movie based on the similar style, but in a simple way. A group of factory employees hangout for the weekends to play backyard cricket. Coincidentally, their new boss move in the neighborhood. Since they don't like each other, one freak accident puts them into a rival position. This conflict grows bigger by days gone and becomes national news. So now these two groups have to fight in a backyard cricket match to settle down. The match begins like the similar fashion to the real Ahes and to know how it ends you must see the movie by yourself.

It's a batsman's world.’’

     Not a bad movie after all movie that deals on cricket is a rare thing so it worked comfortably for me. It had lots of fun moments, sorry if you don't  know the game you won't completely get entertained. At least it will help to lear few things, but it is not the real game so the rules are altered. If you do know, then it will be a different scenario. Looks like a specially made movie for sun-continent cricket fans with one sub-continent character in it. It is no masterpiece, but a timepass entertainment flick.

     It was not plain, though lacks in depth which kind of looks like a weekend television premiered movie. Amusing characters make us to stick with the movie. The few lines that said in the movie were so good and so strong like that used during real Ashes. Enjoyment is what this movie provides than cleverness in all the departments. So you should suit yourself for that than expecting something extraordinary. One time watch a movie and nothing more else.

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