Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tracks (2014) Australia

Leaving tracks behind reminds what we've achieved.

Adventure, Biography, Drama.

"Leave everything behind."

     This movie was inspired by the true story of an Australian woman called Robyn Davidson. Her nine month journey with the company of four camels and her dog to crossing the Australian desert was told superbly. The earlier attempt to turn Robyn's memoir into a movie was unsuccessful, till now. It was a similar theme to the movie 'Into the Wild' and you must go for it if you liked that movie. But it is only the 50% of that, maybe, because of how it begins, proceed and ends. I mean no development in the earlier story and don't know what happens afterwards, but everything told was particular mission.

     What an amazing movie, it kind of reminds the another Australian movie 'Last Ride'. Travelling across the Australian plateau, wow, simply breathtaking. In a movie everything are covered within the timeframe. That is why few movies fail to bring the real occurrence on the screen. This movie has the same issue like, feels everything happened so fast. But gives what we wanted to know, Robyn's daring challenge since her father was disappeared in a similar quest when she was a little girl. So she tries to fulfill her father's dream. Between that this story also recalls her childhood memories when her mother died and had a hard time while parting from a beloved pet dog.

‘‘Australia has the largest feral camel population
in the world. I just needed three of them.’’

     This is the best performance by Mia Wasikowska I have seen since 'Jane Eyre'. Direction, music and technically everything looked so fine. As it was based on the wild side happening story they covered a few beauties of Australia, but in a harsh manner. The story demanded like that way. There is also an emotional scene, might bring tears in the eyes of tender-hearted. I hope they did not harm the animals during the making of this flick, because it looked surreal when wild camels were shot down. Every time we watch a movie, we learn something. I thought camels were so adorable creatures, but in this movie, it really scared me. Next time when I go near to a live camel I should be a careful. Anyway, this is one of the must see biographical movie, especially if you love nature and adventurous subjects. Of course an inspiring movie as well like 'Kon-Tiki' to show the world what our ancestors did in the early age. 

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