Thursday, July 24, 2014

Endless Love (2014) Hollywood

Fighting for the true love against the resistance.

Drama, Romance.

"Say goodbye to innocence."

     The newer version of the '81 movie, which both of them were the adaptation of a book of the same name. This type of story is a kind of outdated, but this movie was updated according to the present time. So there's no doubt to convince the teenage audience. Only the grown ups will try to find defects and say blah blah blah. It was a mini version of the movie 'The Notebook', but everything happens in a very much soon, like in one summer and expands a bit in the last quarter. This movie got all the substance that teen romance theme should have like strong bond, emotions, resistance and a tragic.

     I don't know still how many Hollywood is going to make a teen love story about a rich or popular boy and a poor or nerd girl, sometimes vice versa comes together. Recently I saw 'The Spectacular Now' which was not too far from it, but anyway cast and the story varied distinctly. This was the story of David, on his high school graduation day he reveals his crush on a rich geek girl that he waited for this day. The opposite had attracted each other and she finds the same feeling about him in her. Now they got one whole summer in front of them before moving on a different path to higher education or taking a job. Like the father from 'Father of the Bride', the overprotective father of the girl opposes the idea. But it only makes the stronger the young relationship. Somehow it has to end when summer is over, so what happens after that is the remaining.

‘‘I found what you said inspiring.
And inspiration has been in short supply these days.’’

     The pair was good together, you can call it a fine chemistry. With the decent performances, music and cinematography, it looked a perfect movie to watch with your female (male) companion at the weekends. It was not, wow! sayable kind of movie. If you forget yourself, you will get into the movie's deep. Other than that probably you may not like it if you have already seen the '81 movie. I believe everyone had not seen that, so this movie is for those people.

     Gabriella Wilde was so beautiful like I saw her for the first time in 'The Three Musketers' with that classical European royal house costume. Perhaps a better movie for Alex Pettyfer so far in his career as a lead actor. Except these two, the father character played by Bruce Greenwood was great. Definitely not it is his greatest execution, but one of his for sure that helped the movie to shape well. Overall, the movie might not be close to the earlier version or the book, but certainly not a bad one. Since I have not watched the old and not read the book, I give a go for it for those who are looking for romance movies.

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