Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rio 2 3D (2014) Hollywood

It's time to connect with your root.

Animation (3D), Adventure, Comedy.

"It's on in the Amazon."

     The first movie was a silent hit. One of the best animations on that year. Usually successful movies make comeback in sequels and I expected the 'Rio 2', but was not sure. 'Ice Age' series were the massive hit from the Blue Sky Studios. Other movies did not look like coming back in sequels. So 'Rio' gave them a chance to go on with a sequel. After this movie's success, now you can count on the 3rd as well. If it doesn't come then it will be a disappointment.

     Nowadays the animation industry is not targeting only the children, but adults as well. So the contents, including the story must benefit all age groups. This movie series were excellent, good story with messages in it. Especially this second movie talks about wildlife conservation like the movie 'Happy Feet'. Showing to the kids would be an educational. What a cute way to learn something valuable.

     Blu and Jewel with three kids enjoying the life. Jewel is an ideal mother who wants her kids to learn everything that birds can do naturally. But Blu who was once a human companion is not made for those. This is the issue wanted to be solved after all they are the last of their kind on the planet. One day they get a news that the explorer sighted a whole flock of blue macaw on the Amazon wilderness. Blu and Jewel decides to go and find them and let their kids to connect with their roots. So this adventure is our great entertainment. Lots of fun and even more than that. Just like in the 'Madagascar' movie, who discovers where they originally belong to.

‘‘Birds of blue feathers...
Have to stick together.’’

     The songs were really good and my favorite track is 'let's come together (beautiful creatures)'. Beautiful jungle beats, it is the latest addition to my free time listening list. There was nothing special in digital 3D, but definitely not bad. I saw the first movie in the regular version, but I enjoyed watching this in 3D. The story was not great, but humors were. The human characters were avoided until it gets into a crucial stage. The expansion of characters was exceptional. The original sidekicks from the first movie set aside to make their own fun which partially detached from mainstream story. The newer ones opened another dimension of the family and friend related drama, with happiness found and the jealousy kind of stuffs. Overall, a good animation, hard to leave behind unseen and not to suggest others. So if you like animations then don't listen to anybody, just go for it.

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Tween, Teen, Adult, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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