Friday, August 8, 2014

Noah 3D (2014) Hollywood

Same story, but a different Noah.

Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy.

"The end of the world... is just the beginning."

     Usually everyone knows what it's about after reading the title, but the thing is how much it will surprise us with newly initiated contents like visuals, story alteration, performance and finally 3D. There are many versions of 'Noah's Ark' story including animations. So I expected it wouldn't work as a full-length feature film, Especially in live-shot version. But got a good response by performing decently everywhere. A perfect way to say about the movie is it was an ancient version of the movie '2012'. No science involved, only fantasies. Remember the character Noah was not exactly a good guy either bad in this story. He was portrayed in such a dark and complicated personality who take the responsibility that was given to him by the creator.

     After witnessing his father's murder, now Noah is a grown up lives with his wife and three children along with one adopted daughter. One night he dreams with the unclear visuals. The next day he visits his grandfather to know more what the dream is about. Then he comes to know the message and prepare to face it. In between, a war commence waged by a king to save humanity. Who wins, who loose and how it all happens comes later with a few brutal incidents.

     I like this director's 'The Wrestler' and 'Black Swan' than his other movies which were a massive hit. I expected this particular story could be more realistic manner, but I was wrong and it was a fairy-tale kind of approach made for grown ups. Why it suits only for adults? Because so many elements were too rude, especially inclusion of all the intense violences were not in favor of children to view. Other than that there's no nudity or sex scenes. All this is because of Noah was exhibited in such a strange shade. That end scene where Noah was drunk I can't even believe it. In the last half an hour Russell Crowe's role turns into what he did in 'Les Misérables' versus Emma Watson (Hermione, who was defenseless).

‘‘The rain has stopped
but the creator has not smiled.’’

     This is the story that must inspire the viewers, though it won't do that. One thing it did right was it was completely a different. Awesome visuals and really I enjoyed watching it in digital 3D. The cast was not bad at all, as being in a main role Russell Crowe had large portion and others were just into it to show their presence. Overall, I feel it was taken as a challenge by the filmmaker, but a well done work, definitely not offensive, maybe slightly regarding religious perspective. Entertainment wise, it was a better movie, especially for a film adaptation. In my opinion, I believe it is okay to see at once.

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Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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