Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Raid 2: Berandal (2014) Indonesia

An undercover assignment in a critical time of the underworld.

Action, Crime, Thriller.

Original title:
Serbuan Maut 2: Berandal (Indonesian)

"It's not over yet."

     Much better than the first movie, I mean a lot seriously. Many people liked the first, but I was not because it was not my type. There was no story in it, but a game style of presentation which focused mainly on stunts and I had seen better than that. For a sequel to that, I mean this movie was no chance to complain about in any level. The story, stunts, performances, direction all were top notch and easily can surpass to grab the title for 'this year's best martial art/stunt movie'. I had no expectations before a watch and after a watch got so excited for having it.
     After completing somewhat a successful rescue mission that took place in a tenement run by a ruthless gangster, now Rama is assigned to a new undercover operation. Temporarily says goodbye to his regular life and to his wife. To get in a position it takes months of hard work and he successfully makes into one of the members of the gang that he's after. Soon the ideas vary like to initiate new techniques to rule the underworld makes crack within the mob family. So the clash happens randomly to take over the top position from one another. In between the cop's role and the final stand brings the result to this story with plenty of awesome stunt sequences.

     Worth to spend our time for this 150 minute long movie, especially if you are the greatest fan of the mixed martial arts then you got a solid reason to go for this. For every 10-15 minutes there is one stunt sequence, all I can say is it was very well patterned in a decent story. Yes, the story was not a brand new, it was what we have already seen many times in the Japanese Yakuza, Hollywood, European et cetera undercover cop stories. But to see the new cast from the new region of the earth's surface it was fantastic. I have not seen many Indonesian movies, so probably this could be the best movies from there to the international standards. This country should take cues from this movie to make consistent from now on like what Tony Jaa's movies did for Thai movies. 

‘‘We may be after the same thing...
...But I'm not going to follow the
path as you to get there.’’

     Regarding the undercover cop theme, the lead character Rama was not the superior, but individually, many characters had produced incredible equality by exhibiting breathtaking stunt skills. Truly to say Rama vanishes in between all these guys. He's used only for the opening and the end portions, that's it. So that means this movie is beyond his presence that will definitely surprise the viewers. The gore was very strong, focused too deep details like ripping skin, breaking bones, smashing heads, hammering. Definitely there is going to be another sequel and my expectations rose high for that. There should be no 'I missed it' or 'not seen yet' in the mouths of movie fanatics because it is a must see.

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Tween, Teen, Adult, All

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