Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blue Ruin (2014) Hollywood

Who pulls trigger first win the game of revenge.


"Revenge comes home."

     Unknown cast and crew, probably could have gone unnoticed if it was not attended film festivals. Todays Sci-fi and Fantasy cinema world 'revenge movies' are the most rare. In those, all are not impressive, but now and then a movie like this would do. I am glad I saw this. A revenge movie, that how it looks when horses and desert landscapes were trimmed out of the western genre and of course that set in a modern era.

     Dwight is a homeless who lives in a car. One day he gets a message that the man who murdered his parents is to be out soon from prison. All these years filled with vengeance inside looking for this day finally arrives. He marks his target and goes after it by not thinking of the consequences. So the hunting game begins striking one after another shedding bloods between these two foe family. Takes turns and twists before it concludes.

‘‘I'd forgive you if you were crazy, but you're not.
You're weak.’’

     Revenge movie is not a man go and stab or shoot all his enemies down. I saw in this movie the lead character Dwight was eager to avenge his parents' death, but fear in the eyes, trembling hands and amateur killing instinct, totally a realistic appeal. Indeed an excellent performance by the lead man who is not a familiar face. A simple story, but awesomely developed with every scene. Almost a masterpiece work of this director that quite reflects the Coen brothers style of filmmaking.

     The word 'revenge' needs an explanation why it's taking place and here it won't describe in a understandable manner, but makes sure that you get the reason behind it. It is kind of tricky to understand that it might be either make-up or graphics, but all those wounds, gunshots and bloodsheds were looked surreal. Kind of running and chasing type of tension movie, whenever those crucial clash happens, it pulls us to our seat's edge. It serves potentially what viewers would expect from this genre. A must see for those who like gore and vengeance themes.

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