Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mr. Peabody & Sherman 3D (2014) Hollywood

A great update from 2d to the 3d.

Animation (3D), Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction.

"He's leaving his mark on history."
"History is catching up with them."
"The Dogfather of all comedies."

     I liked last two movies from DreamWorks Animations. Besides Disney and Pixer I kind of like this production house because the first ever 3D animation I ever saw was 'Antz', when I was a child. In their 30 movies this is only the second movie based on sci-fi after 'Megamind'. I was familiar with 'Mr. Peabody and Sherman' before, but kind of inconsistent in watching them when it was aired on television. So I expected nothing, but enjoyed watching this movie. A matured story, the cute characters and a pleasant animation, overall an excellent update from the cartoon to the 3D characters. When Disney did same for Micky family I was disappointed a lot. You know 2D animations are kind of jerky animations and that is a different kind of pleasure, but this one was so smooth, I loved it.

     Mr. Peabody had a regret that he was not adopted when he was a puppy. Now he's an adult dog, also a smart and intelligent. Decides to adopt a boy and names him Sherman. He teaches everything that he knows and tours with him to the different eras for the educational purpose through his invention WABAC, a time-machine. One day in the school Sherman gets humiliated for saying the truth and a big trouble knocks the Mr. Peabody's door. To make everything right a first step had been taken, but accidentally an adventure begins through times and space. A trouble after another follows them and what they need is one solution that can solve all their problems is the rest of the story.

‘‘Every dog should have a boy!’’

     If you think it's for kids only referring the 60s animated television series, definitely you are wrong. When you see the characters anyone can feel that way, but once you watch the movie your perspective will change. Many things were taken straight from the series like time travelling adventures. In fact, to say adults can understand the story fully than children. It meets lots of historical events in the original timeline, but the fun part was to see them in an animation. A coming-of-age theme in animation, but was told in a fun adventure. It just fulfilled me of watching all the episodes of the original classic animation short, at a time. Like I said young kids can't get what's happening, but can have fun which delivered consistently throughout with the nice dialogues and locations. I hope they are going to announce a sequel, otherwise it will be a disappointment to know there will be no follow-up for a cute little movie.

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Tween, Teen, Adult, All

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