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Guardians of the Galaxy 3D (2014) Hollywood

They're not chosen ones, accidentally messed ones.

Action, Adventure, Science Fiction.

"When things get bad, they will do their worst."
"All heroes start somewhere."

     I read comics and manga only that published in the newspapers and weekly magazine, other than that I am not into the comic books. So I must admit that I never heard before 'Guardians of the Galaxy' till this project start to commence. That means I had no expectations, I mean the expectation was nil. Especially after seeing the trailers and teasers I was totally repelled away to see strange characters like a tree, raccoon and other colorful skin tone human like creatures. Frankly, I thought it would end up badly as 'Green Lantern' did. I discarded my negative thoughts and decided to go after all I am a movie fanatic and that's what I do. I can say all these things were in my advantage when I went to sit in the cinema hall like an empty minded. The opening credits began to roll, me too slowly started to dissolve with the movie. It was not even 5 minutes passed, but I was into it and can you believe that I forgot to have a bite the junk food I purchased. In the end, I was very impressed like never before and how much? That's what I am going to explain in the below paragraphs.

‘‘I am Groot.’’

     First, I never heard this director, kind of new in town (to me). When I checked his filmography on the movie database I came to know that I loved his movie 'Super' which was just like the movie 'Defendor'. What a breakthrough he got from this movie to enter into the big director's league list. It is a dream come true. He's also going to make a sequel for this as well and that is the real test to prove that he's not just lucky to get away with this movie. Because many has predicted it won't stand tall in the box office. But what I witnessed was exactly opposite. The responsibility has become so heavier.

     Secondly, its a another 3M or MMM. Don't get confused, I was saying Marvel's Marvelous Magic. Other side Disney and Pixer are battling each others in animation field to dominate. In superhero themes, is there anyone to challenge Marvel? It is like one man's pride walk on the streets of Hollywood. Recently I said in the 'Need for Speed' review that EA joined something like the same, but a unique league to transform their games into the feature films. Whatever they do, it is our gain for sure. It was Marvel's sixth movie series from 'comic-to-movie' conversion, after Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, including The Avengers. Remember 'Ant-Man' is in due early next years.

     A story of a boy called Peter Quill, who was taken away from his home planet, Earth by the space pirates. 20 years later he becomes a skilled thief and calls himself Star-lord. As usual in one of his missions he meets some strange guys who are after the orb he stole from an isolated planet. Soon he realizes it is a bigger issue once he come to know what does orb do. Unexpectedly a five member team forms that includes him Quill the thief, Gamora as the assassin, Drax the destroyer, Rocket the genetically engineer-cum-bounty hunter and Groot the tree. They decide to work towards one purpose, but the thing is they are mismatched in everyway. That leads each others to get misunderstand, misuse and failures, in one word to say the losers. After the series of screw-up how they unite against the strongest villain in the galaxy Ronan was told before it wraps up with a grand final fight.

     Yeah, I know the story was very simple. Men after the object that gives the power and strength is what's commonly known theme nowadays. But the beautiful cast and performances, including astonishing visuals will definitely change the viewer's perspective. It is going to be a game changer for the Chris Pratt's career. Congratulations to him to made his role unbelievably awesome. Now onwards its only look forward. Like always Zoe Saldana had been excellent and sexy under the alien skin avatar. If Andy Serkis is the master of motion-capture then Zoe is kind of a female version of him. Vin Diesel had the least display of all the lead characters, especially with his one and only dialogue that repeats all the time. It was so fun for the first time watch and hope it will remain same for repeat viewings. The character Rocket was another impressive, voice rendered by Bradley Cooper. Me too, to call him a raccoon kind of feel it is a racism remark. LOL. Definitely it is one of the top in the list of non-human or graphical character in a live-shot movie appearance. I think it was one of the biggest role ever Dave Bautista did. He was equally great to all the above, I stated. The cast was really a big, only those I mentioned in the above lines were having major portions in this installment. So expecting the others' time will come in the follow-up movies.

‘‘We are the bunch of jackass
standing in the circle.’’

     Like I said the story was not the problem here because it was presented with plenty of fresh humor. Don't expect it like a serious movie with a serious mission that takes place travelling all around the galaxy in a spaceship. Especially it was far better than 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. It is what stands in the line after the movies 'Star Wars', 'Star Trek', 'Riddick' et cetera but filled with lots of fun. There was a scene in the end that comes before the credits, just for the fun and the post credit scene was resembled to what 'Pacific Rim' had one about a character who collects stuffs.

     The visuals were very pleasing, it goes straight to the list of mine 'stunning digital 3D movies'. It got many long focus shots with sometime aerial views which give opportunity for the viewers to enjoy the inside deep depth. And the close-up shots with a very few pop-outs. So I am saying this movie is a must watch in the digital 3D version. Regarding picture rating, it was a PG13, but got some 'f' and 'a' and 'b' words. I feel kind of okay for children, but not sure. Overall, it was a great first movie in the franchise, that concentrated only the adventures which presented in a good pace. It also had a few minor flaws and leaves questions about the things that are not explained like Nova corps, the boy's background, especially about his parents and all. So expecting the sequel would cover up those. Hope it hits before 2017. In the meantime, don't miss this movie if you have not seen yet, who knows it could be a movie of the season and mean it is.

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Tween, Teen, Adult, All

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