Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 3D (2014) Hollywood

Time to have the sidekicks.

Action, Adventure, Science Fiction.

"In heroes we trust."

     The second movie in the series directed by Russo brothers. This time the story set in the modern world (like post-credit scene hinted in the previous movie) only if you are not taking 'The Avengers' in the account. The cast was expanded, I mean the sidekicks were introduced. Looked the strength of the 'good' has doubled, but the villain was also equally good. The first praising words goes the directors for handling it well and hope they are going to repeat the same magic for the next movie as well.

     This story commence just after 'The Avenger'. Captain America and Black Widow are sent to free hostages and collect some data. Soon after the SHEILD director Fury is targeted by an assassin called Winter Soldier. After this incident the weight leans on Captain America, he becomes the prime suspect. With the help of Black Widow and a new wingman called Falcon, he seeks the truth. Unexpectedly the story strikes with a twist and exposes the man behind it. Once everything revealed the tension arise between good and bad before it ends with a convincing solution.

‘‘Before we get started,
does anyone want to get out?’’

     The escape scene of Samuel L. Jackson was awesome and I wanted it a little longer. The new addition, Falcon was another brilliant, just like the sidekick Robin from the Batman. The story was okay, but the excellent performances and visual narration were the movie's strength. The 3D effects were better than I expected. In a few scenes I thought the villain Winter Soldier was better than the Captain America. He was a surprise package, if you just ignore the antagonist tag he can surely be your favorite from this movie. Even I liked his costume and he also performed some great stunts.

     One thing I fascinated about this production house's movie are the post-credit scenes. Yeah, this movie had one too, but that particular scene created lots of curiosity. A good movie and will definitely pass the test being a follow-up either after 'The Avengers' or to 'The First Avenger'. Again Marvel did a wonder job. Just keep those coming, and it will be well backed by the audience if it is worth. The good days just began for sci-fi and superhero themes. I think I had said it during all the Marvel movie reviews. One last reminder for all that don't miss any marvel's movies because the stories and characters are connected each other since the 'The Avengers' made a debut.

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Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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