Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ways to Live Forever (2010) England


"Follow you dreams, every minutes counts."
"The soul never dies."

It was a cancer theme movie which was adopted from a children's novel. It tells about a wish list that made by two kids who are dying from Leukemia. Those kids help each others to fulfill their last wishes. Light hearted emotional tale. All the cast performed well. Few animated clips come now and then throughout the movie to explain stuffs.

As a movie for underagers the illness treatment and death was kept under control. Adults may complain about few things in the movie but should remember its children friendly theme.

Well made movie which shows on a different perspective of illness suffering and grief. It could be a good pick for tearjerkers but still it won't fulfill completely. Like I said a children movie about awareness of leukemia and its treatment.

Similar movies:
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Suitable for:
Tween, Teen, Adult, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

  • Tween: From age between 7 to 12
  • Teen: From age between 13 to 19
  • Adult: From age above 20
  • Ignore: Not worth watching
  • Bad: Not good but watchable
  • Average: 50-50, choice is always yours
  • Good: great certainly not masterpiece
  • Excellent: A must see, Masterpiece

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