Friday, July 5, 2013

Open Road (2013) Brazil | Hollywood

Adventure | Drama | Romance

"Where will the road take her?"

A decent adventure drama with little suspense, more like a road movie. It tells the story of a young South American woman who is on a quest for something finds variety of form of love and care in her journey
around the corners of the country.

We should say Camilla Belle's one of a best performance. The movie was something like a mini 'Into the wild' but with a different storyline. It was such a nice drama, everyone won't like it but certain people will do.

Similar movies:
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Suitable for:
Tweens, Teen, Adults, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

  • Tweens: From age between 7 to 12
  • Teens: From age between 13 to 19
  • Adults: From age above 20
  • Ignore: Not worth watching
  • Bad: Not good but watchable
  • Average: 50-50, choice is always yours
  • Good: great certainly not masterpiece
  • Excellent: A must see, Masterpiece

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