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Vishwaroopam (2013) India

Action | Crime | Thriller

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Lets start with something little outside the topic then I come to it....

I was saying to post 'Endhiran' that Kollywood making some Hollywood standard movies in desiya style especially story picking was excellent. In that, such movies are 'Naan' 'Naduvule Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom' 'Pizza' 'Engeyum Eppothum'. Most of them were experimental movies are done by debutant directors and actors, and now its 'Vishwaroopam' by top league actor, Kamal sir who also written and directed it whose brother produced it with cost of near 100 crore.

I saw this movie 2 days ago in big screen with aura 3D sound (11.1 channels) which first in state and third in country, many Bangalorean Kamal sir fans coming for it make it lot demand. The movie is currently in controversy only in Tamil Nadu but our place its running packet house. I must say it was one hell breathtaking movie ever made in Tamil cinema on terrorism. Except opening few minutes which begins with a song rest were so good like any Hollywood movie without interrupting by annoying songs that usually out cinemas do.

I agree the story drags a bit during the scene which take place in Afghanistan, but it shows the depth of the situation which also briefs civil and innocents including children suffering between their dream and war. I did not find any offending stuffs about Islam people especially nothing to do with Indian Muslims except reading Quran during the execution but that was a known fact which terrorist organizations do. And can't say more than this about the issue as long I am not one them to understand much but stand and fight for Kamal sir if required (actually I am referring to politics interference coz I hate that word). I think he should advancely take a stay order for stay orders for 'Vishwaroopam 2' if there is one like that.

When it comes to performance no one dare to say anything about Kamal sirs skill, so except him rest of them were supported him very well and don't forget Rahul Bose who done excellent job, his best performance is yet to come in second installment. I think the only disappointing thing is it lacks in commercial elements, it either stands in art form or commercial category and graphics were little poor which made in Shah Rukh's Red chilly lab but when you see it with story you won't notice such thing except in television promos.

There was many flaws and I can't say it is flaws but more like unexplained such as who is exactly the Asmitha (Andrea Jeremiah)? why he married to Nirupama (Pooja Kumar)? is he (Kamal sir) a secret agent from Indian? if yes then what was is assignment? For all these questions we should wait for 'Vishwaroopam 2' It going be more exciting and suspenseful sequel that never a Kollywood movie ever made sequel to that level. All I am hoping to be it good.

May be I am overwhelmed but I am the one who loves to see the movies with high volume in bass speaker system (5.1) in my room so when I saw it in aura 3D system it might made me to go crazy. Very well crafted art of a movie to international standards, a must see and I highly recommend it. I won't be surprise if it get dubbed in other languages including in English.

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