Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ruby Sparks (2012) Hollywood

Comedy | Fantasy | Romance

Very unique concept, just remember the movie 'Stranger than fiction' because this one is kinda similar to that. What if your imagination becomes true, this movie was something like that about an aspiring writer who becomes the creator of his own fictional character. Very well made movie, the blend was so perfect between fantasy and reality. It was slightly drag during the end of the third quarter of the movie. The end went as I was expected so there were no special on that part than a simple excitement for the audience.

It is all about whole story which was so so smarter which includes a fine presentation as a movie, An enjoyable experience with a charming love tale in it.

Similar movies:
Stranger than Fiction, Safety not Guaranteed, Midnight in Paris, Another Earth

Suitable for:
Tweens, Teen, Adults, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

  • Tweens: From age between 7 to 12
  • Teens: From age between 13 to 19
  • Adults: From age above 20
  • Ignore: Not worth watching
  • Bad: Not good but watchable
  • Average: 50-50, choice is always yours
  • Good: great certainly not masterpiece
  • Excellent: A must see, Masterpiece

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