Monday, July 8, 2013

Red Dog (2011) Australia

Comedy | Drama | Romance

"He's been everywhere mate."
"Sometimes you pick the dog. Sometimes the dog picks you."
"Home is where the heart is."

"Have you seen John?" is the one question to be answered to the Red and it will be.

This movie was based on a true story of the legendary dog called Red dog. And one of a best dog movie ever made after 'Hachiko a dog's tale' and many others. This movie begins with fun in fact lots of loads of fun simultaneously very emotional and heartbreaking tale.

Actually it was about a middle aged dog which appears from nowhere to a western Australian mining town called Dampier, and soon after he becomes everyone's dear and loved one which later taken care by them in the small community town without a particular master. When days passes everyone will have their own and unforgettable incidents with him till the day he picks his master.

This dog was really so cute and given so adorable expressions throughout the movie. You will love this movie if you ever had a dog like this! The story somewhere crosses and get past through the movie 'Hachiko a dog's tale', I mean there's some similarities between these two but still this movie was independent. It won't tell the exact true story of the Australian legendary red dog which lived in 1970s but made few changes to the movie. The producer of the movie told it is a movie not a documentary, hmm I think the answer is fair enough!

This movie must belong to everyone's one of the top Aussie movie into their collection. Highly recommended! Entertainment guaranteed and to have a tear released!

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Tween, Teen, Adult, All

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