Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pompeii (2014) Canada | Germany

About a history followed by a fictional tale.

Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Romance.

"No warning. No escape."

     Some of Paul WS Anderson movies were awesome and some were not, mixed bag to me. It is always a tricky to choose his movies to watch. Anyway, I went for it which was based on the historic disaster subject. Something like the movie 'Titanic', only theme was based on the real, but the story was a fictional. I was curious about to see disaster than the newly written story that merged in it.

     Todays graphics on the fingertips are the reason why the history subjects are taking a new avatars in the cinema world. The second century after the motion picture was invented is on course to right direction. Many filmmakers utilised it very well and some are overly whelmed with too much graphics like the movie '300'. But still those were awesome to revisit ancient time just like we assumed it to be while reading history books. So my expectations were usual to see men with beautiful costumes and to know more about our extinct cultures. 

‘‘Men killing each other
for amusement is not a sport’’

     This was the romantic tale with lots of actions and adventures. This movie badly missed the star powers. Since it was a German-Canadian collaboration the cast was recruited from everywhere to make it an international product. Well, I thought the lead actor was a little short though his performance was good. The others like Emily Browning, Kiefer Southerland and Adewale were better, but the pace of the movie did not give them much scope to exhibit and develop their respective characters.

     Yes, it was the story which rushed too fast towards the ending. Another 20 minutes of drama in the initial parts would have been the perfect setup for a story like this. Especially the character Cassia needed it and also a bit Atticus before all these characters meet at one point. So it seems the movie maker's plan was commercial purpose than quality of art and presentation. Anyway the entertainment was there, but not the value and standards. A slight disappointment movie, though it can be watchable at once, especially to witness the ancient city 'Pompeii'.

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