Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blackfish (2013) Hollywood

The soul is same as you are but a different species.


"Never capture what you can't control."

     One of the fine documentary with a fine message. Snubbed from the Oscars and I felt really bad for that. It should have been in there compared to the other nominees, including the winner. This was like another 'The Cove' which spotlights the human torture to the non human species. This documentary is not for entertainment, but which brings the public awareness of the serious issue that still taking place around the world in different venues.

     The movie was committed to expose on the imprisoned Orca, a killer whale called Tilikum and the company called 'Sea World' it owns. It all began from his capture in 1983 on the coast of Iceland, then brought back to the United States to train. In his 30 years of captivity Tilikum was involved in the deaths of his trainers, but the statement to the press and media was denoted as it was the human error. And also the movie had many heartbreaking incidents in many parts.

‘‘There is no record of an orca doing
any harm to a human in the wild.’’

     When I first heard about this movie I thought it was going to uncover the crime committed by the large Blackfish. As usual like most of the occasion my guess was wrong and I was totally surprised towards the story that tried to reveal some unexpected and unbearable truths. Everything reversed and finger points towards human just like the tag says: Never capture what you can't control. Looked like this just below 90 minutes movie was lacking in valuable inputs. Only because of the 'Sea World' that holds Tilikum refused to participate in making of the movie which portrayed them in dark shade. But the intention of the movie was explained in very honestly. There it goes my salute to the director whose attempt was so courageous.

     In my childhood, I had a fish bowl with a couple of goldfish in it and I regret having it after seeing this documentary movie. Truly an eye opener, whoever watch this would feel similar fashion, especially if you are an animal lover. Hoping this movie will change the perspective of the relationship between man and animals. Expecting more and more movies like this until people realise what's going on between dominated and enslaved species on the planet earth. If you are reading my review then you must add it to your watch list because I don't want you to miss this.

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