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Godzilla 3D (2014) Hollywood | Japan

He's bigger, taller and stronger. The king of the monsters is back.

Action, Adventure, Science Fiction.

     One of the reasons why I became a movie fanatic in my early age is that Roland Emmerich's '98 'Godzilla'. I was so young and took weeks to find out what's on the poster. Then my uncle came to me and explained that it is a huge monster's leg. I was not ready to accept it, so we went to the movie and then it blew me away. I remember I got goose bump when the monster was risen for the first time from the sea shore.

     My childhood was unforgettable. I saw some good monster movies like 'Jurassic Park', 'Anaconda' et cetera. Those times were just the beginning of CGI technology. The lots of effort have been made to give a best quality movie compared to present time. I can say the 90s were the turning point for movie productions in term of 'everything can be possible'. So then came the graphic movies like 'The Lord of the Rings', 'Harry Potter' series, followed by 'King Kong' 'Pacific Rim' and finally, now, this newest version of 'Godzilla' movie.

     You know I had expected this movie a lot, after all it is one of my favourite movie characters ever since '98. Excited after seeing first teaser. But I was little unhappy over model of Godzilla, which was more outdated. I mean the blueprint for creating monster was borrowed from '54 version. Which was originally a man with costume performed stunts then later played it on a big screen where actors performed their act in front of it. Now everything is different, we got the technology, then why should choose fat one rather update it with fine anatomical structure. Because usually water animals won't be a fat one. That is why '98 Godzilla looked so perfect with slim and long legs just like an enlarged version of Iguana. Other than not redesigned 3D model, the Godzilla was presented awesomely on the screen with the great visual effects and sounds mixing. I loved to witness it on a large silver screen, it was stunning.

     The movie began with a few opening credits and a decent story till forwarded all the way to later 15 years. The boring portions started. Wanted for something to happen somewhere, but had no luck. It only teased me with some sudden loud noises and briskly camera panning away from the characters just what the monster appeared from nowhere, but it didn't. I think the human story and monster's did not synch in with a clean perfect one movie. Humans and monsters were completely parted. At least collision between them would have been very interested, just like the car and helicopter chase in the '98 version.

     All the human characters were very weak including army general, the protagonist and his silly mission. I wanted a gutsy person like Stephen Lang, who was excellent in 'Avatar' as a lieutenant colonel. You gonna love the graphic side of the movie, but this story badly misses the rockstar characters like one from Ron Perlman for 'Pacific Rim' and Jean Reno for '98 'Godzilla'. Aaron Johnson was good, but not good enough to handle whole movie himself. The inclusion of another couple of well know actors would have helped better in my opinion. Maybe the surprise entries are kept for a sequel, I guess.

     Like any other Godzilla fan, I fought for my ticket that I booked a day earlier and saw on the first day itself. Actually, I enjoyed a lot this movie, but it will never be my favourite Monster movie. 'Favourite' and 'good entertainer' are two different categories. All the good entertainers are not my favourite. Though I cherished this film in a few scenes. Most importantly, this movie making opportunity was landed on the pair of a good hand. I liked 'Monsters', the director shown his caliber in that low budget high quality movie. So I had faith in him, but the thing was he's a documentary style movie maker. I was wondering how this commercial movie gonna shape up. Well, he proved that he can pull the trigger of the bazooka as well. It was visible that he was given freedom to make his way, at least in the majority of the movie.

‘‘Let them fight.’’

     Must agree this is the best version according to the appearance of the monster. So the credits must go to all the members of special effects and visual effects team. No doubt stunts were breathtaking. It was a 2 hour movie, in that first half was dragged with human drama that I did not like much. It was drifting away from the main picture. So I was lucky in the exact beginning of the second half where the 'king of the monsters' appears in front of us completely with a huge roar. There's another flying monster in the movie called Muto. This second hour is all about them fighting each other. In a couple of the scenes I was totally disappointed where the fights between them were smartly concealed other than showing us through cable news channels and in few other tricky ways. Well, they saved it for the final battle. I guess it was a little late, but in some way it convinces us to satisfy after a long wait.

     During the final battle something did not look good. I thought Godzilla was an animal, suddenly he becomes very intelligent and uses his fire-breath in a particular position to defeat his enemy. That's not at all, walking back to the sea was kind of looked like a Disney's fairy tale concept. Because monsters should behave like one not like one of a Marvel's superhero who concerns for human safety. That is the portion made me think like is it a children's movie? Because I just saw it till the end without aware. That small mistake was one of a drawback in the movie. They desperately wanted it for a sequel and so they did it without harming humans around.

     Again the digital 3D was wasted with this movie. It was shot as a regular and converted into digital 3D. There was none pop-outs throughout. Okay, fine, that's not a big deal, but in most of the parts depth of the visuals were weaker, almost plain with too much darker background. I would say there's nothing special offers in this digital 3D version of the movie. Since it is made as a one we must prefer 3D over regular for somewhat better result to get.

     There's a generation gap, fighting over different version won't change anything. My favourite version will remain the same and so yours and others. The purpose of all versions is to entertain the audience and so it does. As far now my review was mixed respond with a bit slides toward the negative side. In one line to say what's the wrong with this movie is that human portion of the story was a big letdown, though the vfx tried its best to lift is as much it can.

     Overall, I believe repeat viewing this movie won't help us to love it. The first impression is the best, if you got it, then fine, if not, so you must be either '98 or '54 version fan. If you are a Godzilla fan then it is a must see movie whether you like it or not. Put all your faith and take a chance, who knows you may like it better than me. 

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