Monday, June 2, 2014

Wolf (2013) Netherlands

Under a one society every action is so distinct.

Crime, Drama, Sport, Thriller.

     Like many saying this must be the best ever Dutch movie. At least from the list I have seen so far. The movie surprised me from the every corner with the great cast and powerful performances. Made me to think like I am on a right movie at a right time. Yeah, the subject was quite a strong as the title indicates, though it was not that brutal yet enjoyable.

     A movie that depicts the social lives of the different ethical groups who endeavor power to rule and to lead sustainable lives. It was a crime-cum-sport-drama, but took all the time to build a better platform for the last quarter of the movie. In the initial hour the story was well developed with fine characters and leaves nothing behind you to carry a bag of doubts. The boxing concept would have not been a necessary, though politely blended into the mainstream story just like the Korean movie 'Punch'.

‘‘You really think this is a free country?
Then I am free to come here every day.’’

     The main character Majid was good. This is the character that encounters everything in the story like emotions and conflicts in his unpleasant life. When his family and romantic life was not arranged properly, he got a slot to rewrite his social life and he has to act tough regarding the approach he chose. The tale of his gang was quite predictable, especially the twist that coming from that way was as expected. Then what makes this movie so special? Well, all together like a multi-face of a character that reshapes according to the situation was displayed precisely. Not only the actors, but praisable job was done by the writer and the director. This underworld and multi-cultural story is definitely not for everyone for many reasons. This could be a perfect entertainer if you take lightly everything you are going to see. Overall one of a better movie of the year from this geographical region.

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