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Hit the Road: India (2013) Armenia | India

Two men, one destination, plenty of adventures.

Adventure, Documentary, Sport.

     India, a country of unity in vast diversity. It has given life changing experience for many. That is why it is called a destination where one can find the meaning of life. Many movies are made of India based subjects in different shades including the Oscar winner 'Slumdog Millionaire'.

     Movies can display only good stuffs or as script demand they create those better atmospheres and vice versa. But in documentaries it is different, it exposes all the good and bad stuffs without hesitating. This movie is one of those India based themes which focus on a sport event called 'Mumbai Xpress' where a team of two members have to drive an auto-rickshaw from the east coast city, Mumbai to the west coast, Chennai in 12 days. When I first read the synopsis of this movie I totally fascinated about the topic and its contents. So I thank Mr Mushegh Baghdhasaryan for giving me an opportunity to see this wonderful movie.

     'Hit the Road: India' centers around the characters American realtor, Richard Gazarian and Canadian chef, Keith King. As their journey begins among other six participants from India's commercial capital it takes us along peeping around the breathtaking country's landscapes. Initially they face a couple of troubles, but as going further they come through it and enjoy it even though they are exhausted.

‘‘That's it. Night's over.
Ready for another day.’’

     It looks so easy race when we say it, but India is considered among one of the toughest roads to drive on it. Especially the cities are very dangerous. It is because of India's population density where people easily break the traffic rules and most of the time cops won't mind unless it end in an accident. But for the outsiders, it is a heavy challenge to blend in and to drive in those conditions.

     For Ric and Keith the race did not go well in the earlier phase, but they came through and finished it. They met some interesting people along the way for a short period of time. Some of them did not bother from touching these two without their permission. Especially in a scene a drunken man hugs Keith and kisses in his cheek, that was so hilarious. That is so different compared to the west and gives the impression of friendly type people without any intention. As much as they enjoyed the riding, equally faced the worst. But all the above it is their's once in a lifetime experience. They will remember it throughout their life and so we are possibly.

     This documentary was one of the finest among the best at its cinematography. Don't expect this movie is all about the race. Aside the race it classified the India's city roads and countryside roads with lives and beauties surrounded it. It began with a normal pace, then later rushed too fast towards the end.

     Great theme, but the plot was a little weaker. It was not a scripted movie to to re-write according to the commercial purpose. As a Documentary movie they have taken as it came their way and nothing we can do about it. But we must appreciate the effort they have made. It is not easy to make a movie when it is raining especially in a country with infrastructure is not at its best. Also mansoon was the right season to shoot because the camera capture some of interior beauty of the sub-continent gives great pleasure to watch. Like it or not, no matter whatever will be your judgement it is a must see for at least once. Finally, I would love to see Ric and Keith again in an another adventure taking place in a different country as its sequel. Somewhere in South America would be awesome.

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