Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hwayi: A Monster Boy (2013) South Korea

A boy is about to find out who he is.

Action, Thriller.

Original title:
Hwayi: Gwimuleul Samkin Ahyi (Korean)

     From the director who gave 'Save the Green Planet' was carved this action-thriller. It was a good comeback for the director to give such a great movie after a decade of the gap. Also worth waiting for us all these years to get a movie like this. It was the story of a teenager who begin to look for his true identity from what he was known as.

     I was so curious after reading synopsis which denoted a boy with the five fathers. Yeah, it is something I did not get at that point, once I began to watch it was convinced me. A boy was raised by the five criminals, later goes in search for the truth after he's forced to step into a killing spree. The more he goes deeper to find the truth the more he risks himself with the dangers ahead. One after another the truth come into the lights which shocks him as well as the audience.

‘‘You have to become a monster
to make the monster go away’’

     I thought it was another Korean gore movie with gangsters in it. I thought that way all the first half till the twist come into the frame. But the real twist was in the last portion which totally blew me. It was attached to a flashback scene, that scene was the best turning point which flipped the movie from its originality into the new perspective.

     I am seeing possibly Hollywood remake here. Definitely other industries around the world will show interest in this. Because the story was very nice with excellent characters and twists. One of the best Korean action movie of the year. The cast was good and so the direction with strong scenes everywhere. A sequel could be possible, which may concentrate more on the romance side. You should have this if you love the Korean movies where men are seen with the guns.

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Tween, Teen, Adult, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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