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Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog (2004) Japan

Quill was trained to disobey his master and that's for his own good.


A Japanese drama based on a true life story of a guide dog called Quill, a Labrador. Since dog won't tell a tale the whole story was told from a boy's perspective who was appearing on the screen for a very few minutes. It was just a formality to make the story reality. This boy meets Quill somewhere midway of the dog's life and disappear forever. But in Quill's case it begins with his birth till his death so he's the hero of this movie and no one else.

A cute Labrador born with a dark mark in his side abdomen, a few weeks later the owner pick him to train as a guide dog. So the first partition to the puppy, he was sent to a couple's house to keep him till he becomes a young adult. So then the second partition which slightly hurts inside our heart. Then he becomes the one of a best guide dog and soon after he becomes someone's, a blind man's eye, a guide dog like he was trained. The rest of the story tells how he devotes his work and himself to his master.

There's no other better way to teach our kids about life than giving a puppy as a gift. They will learn how to take care an another soul, playing with them, fighting with them, chasing with them and all the above separation, facing the death of someone you love the most. I said this because I had one too and I learnt many stuffs in life how to face it. So this movie is what intent to show us. Transforming from a cute puppy to an adult, faithful guide dog in a decade makes us to feel of seen a man's whole life as a dog.

This story was not intended to break the viewer's heart. So there's no strong animal and man bonding in this story like other dog movies had. They wanted to show us what's really happening in the real world and how a dog faces his hurdles throughout his life journey including the people he meet. But remember what I am saying, you won't control yourself, the more you try to hide your tears the more you will wet your eyes. Especially during last 20-15 minutes it was emotional, if you ever had a dog you will know the situation very well. It was the best dog movie (only by few margin) compared to those I mentioned below in 'similar movies' section because those movies tells the tales of the dog and their relationship with the humans and mostly from a man's perspective. Those were entertainer masterpieces but this one was more like a some documentary movie. A must watch movie, I guess kids would love to see Quill.

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