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Losers' Club (2011) Turkey

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Comedy | Drama | Music | Romance

Original title:
Kaybedenler Kulubu (Turkish)

Based on the true story of the two Turkish radio jockeys (RJs) from the 90s, who are the talk of the late night. It was more like a Turkish version of 'The Boat that Rocked' but the thing was the radio station and programme were legal. I found the movie was a little slow in pace but deals with an interesting thematic plot.

The movie tells the story of Kaan and Mete, the radio show hosts. The two ordinary guys with a boring daily livelihood suddenly become colourful once theirs late night radio programme called 'Loser's Club' instantly becomes a hit. They become the celebrities as well as threats from the religious people. One of them finds his dream girl. Whatsoever they are not ready to change themselves to the current situation. They want left alone like everybody else, so what happens to their fame is the ending part of the movie.

Both the lead actors were executed simple performances but looked so powerful. The lead lady, called Zeynep, was also a good and looking cute. Most of the movie shot at the night time, I mean almost, so the light was used very wisely. The movie was simple as its look and complicated to get at first glance. One of a fine Turkish drama I have seen, quite resembles the quality and style of the German movie 'The Lives of Others'.

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Suitable for:
Tween, Teen, Adult, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

Losers' Club (2011) on IMDb

  • Tween: From age between 7 to 12
  • Teen: From age between 13 to 19
  • Adult: From age above 20
  • Ignore: Not worth watching
  • Bad: Not good but watchable
  • Average: 50-50, choice is always yours
  • Good: great certainly not masterpiece
  • Excellent: A must see, Masterpiece

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