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Gravity 3D (2013) Hollywood

It's time to go home!

Drama | Science Fiction | Thriller

"Don't let go."

'Gravity', one of a best space movie ever produced. Remember I am not comparing it to any space travel and alien themes. Definitely it was this year's 'Life of Pi'. Easily one can put it into his/her's all time favourite list. There are very few breathtaking 3D movies I have seen in my life and it is one of them along side 'Avatar', 'Hugo', 'Life of Pi'. Probably you will miss something great if you miss this movie, especially in digital 3D. You will have whole life with you to see this movie at any time and day but watching it when it is served hot and spicy will be the best shot one can give. So all I can say is don't miss this movie at any cost.

Okay lets talk about the movie and its storyline. The story of this movie takes place approximately 600km above the Earth where astronauts sent to repair the Hubble space telescope. During the final spacewalk, Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) on her first space expedition accompanied by Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) gets a warn message from their mission control in Huston. As that destroyed Russian satellite's scattered fragments are approaching them at very speed. Soon after they loose contact from the control station in the Earth, now they have to abort the mission and reach the safe place. But it is too late for them and what comes after is the chain reaction of the destructed Russian satellite.

Sandra Bullock was very good as well looked so hot in off the astronaut costume. You know, there are no running, dancing or any kinda gun fights like that happen in space travel theme. As it is happening in the space everything are floating and drifting. So within that limited offer to perform, the actors from this movie did a wonderful job. George Clooney did not have much scope for his role, within his limited time span he was as usual very good.

It won't waste much time, within starting few minutes the visuals makes you to feel you are in the space. Since it takes place in space, we know the objects floats in zero gravity so there are many visual pop-ups. Most importantly the intense pop-ups are excluded like that happens in commercial movies, everything are looked very natural like that happens in the space. It was a great achievement in cinematic, to show the enormous space with most of them covered with dark background in 3D other than Earth's. Yes, with a dark background it is hard to see the depth of an object in 3D so the graphic designers did a wonderful job to make it work. In some of the scenes the camera view transforming into a character's view which were something I never seen before, surprisingly awesome.

It was a simple storied movie but a breathtaking stunts, we were expecting all these years for it without knowing. A little late but came at the right time when the graphics and 3D are beginning to boom the cinema world. As you see it was not a rocket science to understand the movie but of course it was a bit about rockets and stuffs. What I am saying is anyone can easily understand the movie, it was not that complicated at all. Even kids can enjoy it, only if they are okay with loneliness, distress kinda mild mind tortures.

This year's OSCAR buzz begins with this movie, what a way to begin. I will be very sad if this movie won't get at least a single golden trophy in an upcoming OSCAR ceremony. I think I can expect nominations in the category of visual effects, cinematography and best female lead for Sandra Bullock. As well there is a strong chance that this movie could get into the top 10 for the best motion picture nominee list. But still I don't how everything goes in the next couple of months because there are many great movies are in queue to hit the screen. Such OSCAR buzz movies are '12 years of Slave' and 'American Hustle'. I got a feeling that its big box office will impact a lot at the American Academy Awards. If everything I said happens, on that particular night I will have a little smile remembering this review I wrote.

As you see I might be a bit overwhelmed by a watch but I am sure this will be the best 90 minutes you will ever spend time for a movie in 2013. To encounter the real space atmosphere you must see the movie on a big screen as well in digital 3D. Hope you will enjoy it more than I did or anyone around you.

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