Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Little Red Flowers (2006) China

The consequence of communism on the little children.

Comedy | Drama

Original title:
Kan Shang Gu Hen Mei (Mandarin)

People must understand something before complaining anything about the movie. Possibly the lifestyle and cultural differences makes audience to have the wrong opinion about it. That too the story sets in China in the 1940s, almost 60 years ago. There are lot be changed by now and all the above it a was based on the semi-autobiographical novel by a man who remembered his life in kindergarten.

The movie tells the tale of a 4 year-old boy Fang Qiangqiang. In the beginning of the story the Fang's father leaves him in a kindergarten boarding school. Where kids to be taught good behaviours like self dressing, bathing, feeding, playing and helping each others like all the basic knowledge. For a good behaviour student will get a red paper flower each day and also be taken away if they are not behaving. So our protagonist Fang struggles at the initial stage to adopt the new environment. Giving a best shot to get his first red flower which terribly ends. The struggle drags to days and weeks without making any progress. One day, frustrated teacher forces him to undress and dress again in front of the whole class but makes Fang turn into a different person. Fang was a unique visioned kid, needed to be specially taken care but for the common rule for all he becomes a degraded.

It had a bit strong nudity than usual in a children's movie. Yeah, that might upset some people especially the family audience. Even I was shocked to see the raw presentation, some scenes could adjusted with different camera angles. It makes me think like was China like this once? Initially I was hesitated to accept it as a good movie but later something changed my mind. There are many movies like 'City of Life and Death' and others which are based on the II world war which tells nothing but a truth one can hard to digest. The life in the firs half of the 20th century was difficult so no exception for this movie as well which happens in post-revolutionary China. Definitely the people who have no idea about communism will learn something from the movie.

There were not much dialogue in the movie. The camera angles were also good, kept under children's stature. I am a big fan of the children's movies and I liked 'Little Red Flowers' very much despite nudity. The main reason was it was someone's real story than some fictional one. But the ending was a bit disappointed, it won't denotes in which way it concludes. I am warning this movie is for a selected audience, you could be end in displeasure because of the presentation, not for the story or the cast.

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