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The Wind Rises (2013) Japan

A farewell masterpiece by Mr. Miyazaki.

Anime, Biography, Drama, Fantasy, History, Romance, War.

Original title:
Kaze Tachinu (Japanese)

     Studio Ghibli's latest anime movie. I was totally heart broke when I heard it is Mr. Miyazaki's final movie. Then I was thoroughly prepared to enjoy every piece of it and indeed I did. What a great piece of work as being in his 70s, definitely a farewell masterpiece. A most matured movie, I mean for the first time a movie for grownups that had contents children won't fit in to enjoy from the studio as well from the director.

     It was just like the movie 'The Aviator'. A boy, Jiro Horikoshi, who aspires to contribute his skills to upgrade the aircraft technology who was actually inspired by the Italian aircraft designer Caproni. At his young age, he excels in the field that leads him to grab an opportunity to work with the nation's most renowned aircraft manufacturer. His life mixed with dreams and reality makes him a better man among his coworker. Everyone believed that he's a workaholic, but he surprises all by falling in love. The movie explained his ambition, passion towards aircrafts and his romantic life as well as the dreams that make him to believe everything is feasible.

‘‘Airplanes are beautiful cursed dreams...
waiting for the sky to swallow them up’’

     There are very few so far in the history of filmmaking that animation borrowed story from biographies. This was way better than what live shot movie would have offered to the viewers. Especially this story had few dream scenes, like a fantasy that we had seen in 'The Lovely Bones'. Those were really well done, a trademark that usually we find in all of Hayao Miyazaki movies. If you are a fan of his work, then it will be a delightful 2 hour long treat for sure. I had the experience of watching this like watching the final match of the FIFA world cup. I could never ask better than this.

     Kind of inspiring theme about engineering work and a message teller about non-violence. That this movie was set during the world war, including Japan's involvement in the affair. So there were many dialogues that delivers against the idea of war, like, the famous Caproni regrets that his invention was misused in the wars. The movie had lots of smoking scenes, as it sets in and around the 20s that was fine because people did in those times. After all, like I said earlier, it is for adult, even if parents allow their kids to watch they may fall in boredom. So I see there's no controversy to drag on.

‘‘Engineers turn dream into reality’’

     There were few sentiments, it appeals strongly during the end portion. The end also leaves lots of questions about what could have happened afterwards, especially Jiro's Romance life. Someway it gives the impression of happy ending and in another way slightly hurts. A finely balanced grand finale. Those were the seconds (the time) I was not desired for because no more Miyazaki's movie to see afterwards. I believed the end of a great era of him and studio Ghibli together. Overall, gives the satisfaction of watching a man's true story, his romantic life, involvement in achieving the dream and got a place in his country's history. Now the director showed it to the rest of the world in a beautiful manner. Thank you  Hayao Miyazaki for all your contributions, I always keep loving your great works. Enjoy your rest of the life.

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Tween, Teen, Adult, All

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