Monday, June 9, 2014

Everybody in Our Family (2012) Romania

Life as a child of the parted parents.


Toata Lumea Din Familia Noastra (Romanian)

     I have not seen a Romanian movie for a while and good to be back with a good drama that partially filled with the dark humour. This family movie is about a father, Marius and his ex-wife, Otilia and her new husband, Aurel and his stepdaughter, Sofia. The movie determines the story of a family about a particular matter which varies the opinion from each others. Except the opening few minutes the remaining of the story takes place inside a house before it concludes.

     The story is simple as that a divorced man goes to pick his daughter for the holiday. He wanted to go to the beach with her, but what he encounters is the resistance by the stepfather. Everything begins to be a complicate around and puts into the verbal war between them before violence takes its part. Can it be solved? but how is the remaining portion explained.

‘‘A Japanese haiku says: Without a beloved child,
there is no truth in cherry blossom’’

     A satisfying story with the interesting characters. A fictional story, but very much true in nature that resemble the real incidents of the divorced families around the world. Most of the couple separates because of the different ideology after the marriage. When it comes to matters of their children it won't vary much, they have to fight for the rights to provide what's best for the kids. That is what this story describes the family's difficulties which drags their children as well into such an awful affairs.

     Might not have a valuable message in it, but the most essential thematic content movie for the present society. A story that provides to study about the characters. Families should watch this. This movie is also can be watched for entertainment purpose. Overall, a better movie than I expected something like the movie 'Death at a Funeral'.

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