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Love's Everlasting Courage (2011) USA

The story of Missy after Ellen: A struggle to save the land.

Drama, Family, Western, TV Movie.

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Approximately 6-minute read.

Part-X review:
     The tenth volume in the Hallmark's 'Love Comes Softly' movie series, that does not based on the Jannete Oke's book for the second time. The Other one was the previous installment, which both, this and that one are the prequels. So this story is very crucial as it is going to connect with the original story where it all began. If you have seen all the previous nine films, then you would know what to expect from it and easily grants your wish whenever you predict the segments. That is a sad perspective, but there are other stuffs also that takes place which keeps us occupied.

     Well, we know someone has to die here, that means the first death in the Love saga, which quite replicate there after almost in the every movie. Due to that reason, for the first time in the series a male character put in the driver's seat. Also, it mark's the beginning of the Missy's strong presence. She was just a child in this and we know what comes the next that we saw in the very first film.

     The struggling was the basic plot in this Love saga. The series of lessons about love, life, faith and honesty that set in the late 19th century society was the sub-plots. The newly married couple, Ellen and Davis with a beautiful young daughter, Missy, are set to face the nature's abrupt pose. It is a drought year, like all the farmers around, this family too coping with the difficulty. But things only get worse when they learn the price will be big if they fail to meet their usual target to clear the debt. It is beyond their reach, but they never lose the hope and fight hard against the odds. Only the end says what way the destiny drives them.

 She will need someone to show her that love doesn't
leave the world with the passing of just one person.

     Most probably this is the shortest film in the series. Well, none movie ever reached the 90 minute mark, but this one barely touches the 80 minutes. Despite being a short tale, it covered lots of stories. In a couple of places it shifts the phase that quite changes the scenario, like the twists. Everyone convinced with their performances, at least for the television standards and for a small budget film. I was curious to know what happened to Cassandra, but as we know in this storytelling, it chooses one character and focuses it moving forward and never looks back. So she's history now.

     Like I said, it does what has to be done to bridge between the first prequel and the first movie in the series. So we can't blame for any game changing twists in the tale which is just a procedure to follow. I have to remind people that it's nothing to do with any particular religion. Of course, these stories focused on the Christian families, but all about being a good human being. I don't belong to any religion, when a movie differentiates the good and bad, delivers messages, focussed on the social issues, I always encourage it. So I won't spare this film series as well.

     I can't believe it's almost near the end, just one more to go and then it all ends. I have no idea about what will be the focus of the next film and where it's going to connect its plug in the series of 8 movies and 2 prequels. The prequels are done and dusted with this part, so we can expect the continuation after where it originally ended in the eighth film. Curiosity is with me with the high anticipation for it to conclude on a high note. Whether it delivers or not, have to wait and see. Hope I'm going to watch it very soon and give away one final review. Till then goodbye.

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