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Love Finds a Home (2009): USA

The story of Belinda & Annie: All about the pregnancy.

Drama, Family, Western, TV Movie.

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Approximately 5-minute read.

Part-VIII review:
     The eighth installment in the Hallmark's 'Love Comes Softly' movie series based on the book of the same name by Jannete Oke. In a sense it is the final movie, because the story won't move further towards the future in the next film. Everything halts here, only the timeline shifts prior to the first film in the remaining series. That's what I have heard, the rest of the films in the series are the prequels. Kind of interesting, but now let us talk about this film.

     Now the Lillian is a teenager who is helping her mother in the clinic, though she's not the centre of the story. Like in all the previous films, an admirer for her flash-ins from nowhere. So there is a young romance after all, but in other side of the narration a moral fight is set between the mother-in-law of Annie and Belinda. Yes, Haylie Duff has returned as Annie as I was wanted and she's pregnant. As usual how the story takes up the shape and ends is the remaining part.

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     There's a line 'our children grow up, start to spreading wings'. That should have been in the previous film, but makes sense in a way for this story. That concerns the father's over protective on the Lillian case which leads a small quarrel. Surprisingly, there are no deaths like the first time ever, instead ready to welcome a new member in the family. But a little saddens about Belinda's side of the narration, whether her wish is granted or not is remains mystery. It should have been puzzled out here itself or one more film for that would have been nice, and also where Lillian takes full control in the series.

     That means, it's never going to end, but keeps going. So I'm happy the one way or the other they finished it off. And another reason is the author haven't written anymore book in the series. I have heard who read the books said the movie versions are different and it was shrunk to the half of what the book is but still worth to have a peek. Then you know there's always some people who don't like comparing the book they have loved with the movie adapted from it. I haven't read a single 'Love Comes Softly' book, but watched all the films and enjoyed them.

     Western is the least watched by me from all the genre. In that, western-dramas are very rare for me. Refreshing from the guns and horses, cops versus thieves, trains, heist, bounty hunters and the Indians. Here it ended with a good message in a calm and simple way. Especially the pregnancy and childbirth were the core topic, how those were handled at those times was demonstrated somewhat incredibly for a television movie. I think that's it from this space for now, so then let us meet with the prequels.

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