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Love's Enduring Promise (2004) USA

The story of Missie Davis: Finding a new life.

Drama, Western, TV Movie.

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Approximately 4-minute read.

Part-II review:
     The second movie in the Hallmark's 'Love Comes Softly' movie series. The story, the characters and a few casts continued from the first, but leaps forward to a few years where we can see the all grown up Missie. She's a school teacher who is living happily with her two younger brothers and parents. This was a good movie as well and well narrated without hurriedness like the first film that ran just under the 90 minutes.

     This is the Missie Davis story. The movie talks about her life as a young woman who encounters her love for the first time. What she expects from it and her experience in the style of between mid and late 1800s. It was not all about the romance, but some drama centers around an accident that happen at the beginning. In the other parallel string story of an another family, connect with the past events introduced a few characters of its own.

     Kind of depressing from the story narration to music, but in a good way. Rising from the tragedy and sorrow is the main theme. Like the story moved on to the next generation, the young cast as well performed very well. As the film concentrates around Missie, the involvement of other characters as well very compressed. Thus, looks like the minimal cast movie and the other reason is the most of the scenes were shot in the isolated places like having only two characters around.

 Never despise meager beginning.

     I saw the loop, a circle, combining the first two films in the series. I mean this second movie's end was similar to where the first movie was began. That gave me some idea of what might have happened before the first film's commencement. It is only my guessing, who knows, in the next parts the truth could be revealed. As looking at the style of narration, there won't be any flashbacks, not in the pictures, maybe by the remembering the past.

     A very good follow-up, cleverly switched to another phase of the storytelling and by expanding, opens more window for the next parts. Slow pace and I'm not complaining that because I was expecting it. Being a television movie, it's given the overall best product. Now I can't wait for the third movie. Okay, goodbye then, I'll meet you in the next parts's review.

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Love's Long Journey

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