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Vegetarian (2014) India

Cultural tradition is to unite a family, not meant to hurt anybody.

Comedy, Drama.

Original title:
Saivan (Tamil)

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Mainly on-topic, Only mildly off-topic, No spoilers I guess, Dialogues.

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     I have not seen a single Kollywood flick, in fact, any Indian movies from since 2 years. But recently saw a couple of Tamil films and this was one of them. Very much satisfied and I'm glad I went for it. Like I always say, the songs are what turns me off in Indian cinema, that is the reason stayed away. This movie had those, but I was not frustrated because they are blended very well to the narration. There is no sudden jump into the dance floor with colourful costumes, but most of the tracks are background song. I liked that classical soundtrack with the veenai, really catchy and the meaningful lyrics. That song called 'Azhagu' won two Indian Academy Awards for best playback singer and best lyrics.

     An inspiring movie, a message teller, something we could learn or adopt from it. The adults are always, well, most of them obey the law without asking any questions that came from the previous generation to them and teach it to their kin as well. That's how the traditions passed to and survived till date. That is good, but in the modern India there are no actions taken to abolish the some of the brutal believes which are more than two millenniums old. The changes come from the children, who asks so many questions. This is such a movie takes place on that kind of theme, which is inspired by a true childhood event of the director's mother.

  Then, do the god is like us?
Expects something in return to do us a favour?

     It's a second movie of Sara Arjun's I'm seeing and she was so good. She was not the lead, but only the part of the movie. There is no particular lead character. The story simply based and follows after the incident that shocks a whole family when they unite for the native festival in their village. When theirs concern grows bigger over the issue and the tale reaches more tighter plot and faster in portrayal. And then bang, the end comes like suddenly everything goes silent for a moment.

     The movie is not hard to predict, especially the end was as expected. It's simply a family entertainment, give comfort feeling and leaves no reason to complain about. Every role had a wonderful display, great performances by all the cast. The sub-plots like teen romance and kids fight, are all fine additions for the extra fun. This is actually a short movie even though it ran 2 hours because usually Indian movies reach the 3 hour mark and that's a plus point. As I consider my judgement on this product, I would say it's a must see movie. But that does not mean It's a genuine, the only reason I liked it for is this film wanted to say something good to the society. This kind of movies definitely good to build a better tomorrow around us.

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