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Cub (2014) Belgium

Transformation from a scout-cub to the real one.


Original title:
Welp (Flemish)

What's in:
On-topic, Spoilers as Synopsys, Dialogues.

Approximately 5½-minute read.

     Legends are created to inspire, scare, obey and for entertainment. Sometimes for some people, it's a great opportunity to utilise the concept to do illegal things. Whatever this movie is about you must observe carefully and try to apply these theories. You will get the story, but enjoying watching it is up to what you were expecting and what it delivered. If you had seen numerous similar horror-thriller, then you feel awful.

     Belgian horror-thriller, well, that's what they say, but I doubt it. It sets in the summer scout camp, which is directed by a newcomer. A thirteen member of the scout team heads to the woods to set a camp. But it was about a 12 year old Sam, who is a cub scout. He's a first choice of pick to bully by his fellow scouts, especially by the den leader as well by one particular pack leader. He's always late, weak and his over imagination makes him a weirdo in the herd. During in the camp, he discovers what was said to be a legend is real. Not bothers to convince others since they never going to believe him. His adventure is to go deep and discover the secrets, but all the above finds the right place for his essence.

   Kai does exist.
He lives in a tree house in the woods.

     The 'Marina' girl was in a prominent role. In this 80 minute movie every role was a prominent one. There was no time to develop character, but simply a straight forward presentation. Began with the spilling werewolf concept and it did not hold longer the suspense. Once you know it's not a horror, but a thriller you would lose the interest. Follows the cliche, the same old killings without the reasons or proper explanation. Well, at that time of the story that how it looked, but sooner or later you will know the truth. It's not only the camp versus the whoever hunting/haunting them. It's about the basic instinct, the first reaction to the situations. There is no surprise on the pack leaders, their's behavior is not just based on the fiction, merely true in reality.

     Traps were the best parts compared to the killings, but too short to have pleasure. Initially I expected it to be a children's horror movie since they are involved, but there are some contents that do restrict them from watching it. Commercial recognise is very important for filmmakers, so they didn't fear to bring the cliche on. I still feel the end should have been a little creative and a fresh idea could have served it well. Not only the end you are going to predict, well, almost everything before from happening.

     Keeping mystery is the key factor for a movie if the director and writer want to surprise the viewers. Does that 'hold-back' is good enough to satisfy the audience during the twist is the question. First half of the movie nicely keeps the suspense, all about the next half where smartness lacks. Actually, there is no twist at all, the story itself reveals from beginning till the end. All we have to do is figure it out ourselves what this battle is about, other than good versus bad. I'm itching to say it, but it'll spoil if you have not seen the movie yet, so I let you find yourself.

     As the Belgians perspective the film is okay kind, but not to the rest of the world. Overall an average movie compared to the international standards, but the production quality is impressive. A nice concept, set off very well, but the blow is maybe the influence of Hollywood in today's world cinemas, especially in this genre that did not help to finish it off ably. The days gone by this movie will be forgotten, but I believe in this filmmaker who has a good knack for this type of films will definitely come up with another brilliant product in a near future.

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Tween, Teen, Adult, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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