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Wetlands (2013) Germany

What is wrong seems like right for Helen.

Comedy, Drama.

Original title:
Feuchtgebiete (German)

What's in:
On-topic, Off-topic, Spoilers, Dialogues.

Approximately 5-minute read.

     The reason I watched it was the director. 'Combat Girls' was a very good movie and I expected a similar result from this. But it was a totally different entertainer, so original and I was hooked throughout. It was based on the novel of the same name, a well received book and even it was translated to English later. But had some debate over saying it was an erotic related topic.

     Whatever, I don't know the book, because I'm kind of a movie guy, so saw it and liked it. I did not find anything like the book was criticised. You're going to create your own visuals while reading a book, but in a motion picture it gives perfect everything, including background score, which is a plus point. For that, the book must land to a creative mind, the director with vision who can convince others with his exhibition.

     We find the little kids around us in our daily life who never listen to their parents or anyone and do exactly the opposite to what they were told. Like an adamant character, even in some adults as well, which might developed during their childhood due to raised in a dysfunctional family or other similar circumstances of life they were brought in. This film revolves in a similar manner, but a bit ahead until you to get sick and say 'ew'.

 It's better to have a scratched knee now,
than to have a broken heart later on. 

     It was so disgusting and disgusting even more, in one word to say the grossest movie ever, perhaps among the top three or five or ten for sure. Whatever the possible way to make it happen, they used it to bring the outcome. If you ask me, I would say thank god I'm a man and it was the portrayal of a girl. The actress was pretty enough for anyone not to feel (that) bad for what you're going to witness, I call it an advantage for such a theme. Suppose it was an actor, I would have definitely turned it off in midway and said the F word.

     A tale of an 18-year-old girl Helen, who explains why she's so antithesis by recalling her childhood memories. By the second half of her teen life, overtaken by sex fantasies, but that was not the whole movie. These all were to develop the character which took almost full movie leaving current scenario which takes place in the hospital tight and squeezed. Her relationship as individual with her family members a vital phase in the storytelling, which tells she never understood none of the three. Her father, a careless with sexual active man. Her mother brainwashes with over lessons and with her little brother, they never really had proper bro-sis thingy. By the last quarter of the film you will completely know the Helen and time to change your mind, possibly. But still disturbs us her adaptation of the theory of everything.

     There are many movies where children are affected like Helen, but this film was absolutely a unique in the illustration of the sensitive topic. It's a debatable if parents take the film seriously, because it talk about parenting failure as well unhygienic thingy. Bit of fun, emetic, sexy, overall an exceptional movie for adults. Disgusting is a disgusting, if there is no problem accepting a change and variety in a movie that you usually watch and appreciate the effort, then this film could be a better entertainer. It should dub in English rather remake it if there is a consideration. I usually like German movies, because I'm picky, I choose wisely after a basic research. I knew it would be a commercial feature and I was prepared to enjoy it like that way.

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