Monday, September 16, 2013

My Queen Karo (2009) Belgium | Netherlands

When parents fight for their own lives, what could a 10 year-old choose best for her life.


The movie was partially based on the director's own story. Which took place when she was a young girl in the early 70s who lived in Amsterdam hippie community with her parents and others under one roof. It tells about her experience she witnessed in her childhood where she was free to share everything and from everyone.

As a child to a father whose life was dedicated to the hippie community and to a mother who was passionate about her career in fashion designing Karo was left alone which creates an arrogant behaviour within her. Karo's mother battles for saving her husband and marriage while her father's concern about another thing. The different field of interest in her parents, their relationship begins to tear apart which affect her the most.

From the 10 years old Karo's perspective, she sees everything that every child is forbidden to see. Adults are making free love especially her father Raven with a fellow activist Alice in the presence of her and her mother. That confuses her in human relationship and behaviour so instantly Karo fall in love with her stepbrother and when he was taken away she feels the pain in her heart. That leads her to make aware of her parent's failure to take care her. The little girl who played Karo was very good in handling her role in those particular scenes.

The nudism in the movie was quite strong but it won't feel like some porn movie, it all counts on the way you take it on. The movie's moral was on the environmental circumstances like this what could a child can become or made by seeing the adult's behaviour. This movie was not a bad at all, it was directed very well by the director Dorothee and told everything she saw in her child's eye.

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