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Birdman of Alcatraz (1962) Hollywood

Achieving something big in one's small world.

Biography | Drama

"Now the World will know the story of the most defiant man alive!"
"Inside the rock called Alcatraz they tried to chain a volcano they called 'The Bird Man'."

The name Alcatraz is pretty much known to everyone especially those who watch Hollywood movies and television series. 'Birdman of Alcatraz' is the story of the Robert Stroud which begins in 1912 who is being transferred from an Alaskan prison facility to Leavenworth correction facility with other prisoners. To spend his 12 year term in prison which given him for a murder he committed. The movie won't tell us the story before the sentence but everything after till he leave the Alcatraz.

Stroud is a tough guy who listens to no one and loves his mother a lot. He won't leave who teases his mother when his mother was not allowed to see him he commits an another crime which adds extra more years to his sentence. Now he got to spend his whole life behind the bars. One day he rescues a lost baby bird and soon after he becomes an expert on birds which leads him to find the cure for the bird diseases. When a man becomes at his best there will always be an enemy to oppose it, well here the warden Harvey stand against him with a reason behind. He could not take it what Stroud becoming, so there comes his transfer to another maximum security prison, Alcatraz.

This might be a story of a convict but it was lovable and inspiring about what he does during the sentence. I love animals, of  course it includes birds as well. After the 2nd millennium the man came too far from the actual world he used to share with other species. The man invented and discovered many stuffs that helped the human world to run smoothly such as automobiles, cure for the diseases, giant buildings and the fancy lifestyle. But this man, Stroud built a bridge to connect us from animal (bird) kingdom. He studied about birds' behaviour and discovered the cure for the bird diseases during the time science becoming modern.

Well I got some doubts about this story. When Stroud was in Leavenworth facility he had permission to have birds in his cell so he raised hundreds of canaries during his stay. But after he transferred to Alcatraz the permission was denied due to new rules initiation throughout the country in all the prison facilities. So that is what I wonder how the name 'Birdman of Alcatraz' came. Is it because he had birds and studied about it while he was in Leavenworth or because he spent his most of day in Alcatraz which was also called birds island. I don't know much about this man other than this movie. It looked kinda coincident to me, after he got the name 'Brdman' in Leavenworth he flew like a bird to the birds island (Alcatraz).

This movie was nominated for the four academy awards during 1963 OSCAR ceremony. There were already fighting for trophies within other top nominees so this movie did not get any. I felt this movie deserved some appreciation but experts say it had few flaws and inaccuracy in the story that mean largely fictional. I really don't know how much it borrowed the original story of Robert Stroud or from a book but I liked this movie a lot. It delivers the message about to do or discover something new or find ourselves our strength. Most of the great biographies I know are not from the real criminals so this story tells us from the different perspective. There are few bad stuffs from Strouds' life to forget and many good stuffs to learn from it. There are many movies about prison theme this movie was a little different to those. You can have it to enjoy or to know the real Robert Stroud, left up to you but I say go for it with a thumbs' up.

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