Friday, September 13, 2013

Haridas (2013) India

About a father who stood there for his son.

Drama | Sport | Thriller

A movie that every father must see. The story of 'Haridas' carries an important message that inspires everyone. Actually the character Haridas was an autistic which was loosely based on the Korean movie 'Marathon'.

The movie's protagonist Kishore as Sivadas plays a tough police officer, an encounter specialist. When he receives a news that his mother is passed away he had no choice but take his autistic son Haridas with him. He is the only family left and the rest of the story is how this tough police officer offers a better future for his innocent son.

The opening was kinda some thriller then when the character Haridas was introduced the story flips to the dramatic side. The boy who played Hari (Prithviraj Das) as an autistic was performed better, but the story was told from the father's perspective. As a father of a special child, his affection towards him while struggle to provide his needs are really heartbreaking. In other side his unaccomplished mission starts to give him a pressure, threatens his spare time that he spends for his son.

There are many jokes in the movie to keep the audience face brighter. The comedian Soori gives his best shot alongside few from the protagonist itself. Many dialogues too contains very interesting lines, mostly the facts about people wrongly believed especially what the doctor says about disability children.

The movie had small-small flaws which are hard to notice when you are already merged with the story and the characters. This was an unexpected but awesome movie made by the director who given average movies like 'Ninaithale Inikkum' and 'Yuvan Yuvathi'. Children movies are quite rare in Kollywood, we can say 1-2 movies per years. It looks like two alpha wolves meet at a crossroad that I felt after seeing this movie and 'Dhoni'. You may wonder what that mean, 'Dhoni' was a Prakash Raj's movie which tells about his son who aspires to become like cricketer Dhoni. While Kishore is a new, promising and raising artiste who played played a father of an autistic-son in this movie. Both these guys are from the same regional state who are famous for their negative roles in the movies.

This movie is a must see movie, anyone can understand it easily because the father-son relationship is a universal thing, hope you won't miss it.

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