Friday, August 23, 2013

Where Do We Go Now? (2011) Lebanon

An appreciable message from the middle-east.

Comedy | Drama

Original title:
Ou halla la weyn? (Arabic)

"In a remote Lebanese village women bond together and cleverly scheme to prevent their men from killing each others."

It was a nice movie, the message was really good. The movie deals with the issue of religious conflict in the country Lebanon. The story happens in a small town where Christians and Muslims lives together with good bond while the rest of the country in religious tension.

This kind of movies definitely required to open the eye of the people. It was a very good effort by the 'Caramel' actress-come-director. The movie was not that serious but little funny alongside the issue it digs. The end was a bit emotional and heartbreaking, overall the movie makes sense of what it delivers to the audience but some people are not ready to accept the fact or ready to make a change in society.

It was represented the Lebanon's submission for the 2012 OSCAR but did not make into the shortlist. I have seen movies based on religious theme like the movie 'Bombay' so this movie requires a special appreciation for the great effort from the middle east. We know that the women and children are the future of humankind and so this story explains a tiny part of that.

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