Monday, August 26, 2013

Kick-Ass 2 (2013) Hollywood

'Hit Girl' meets 'Mean Girls' while 'Kick-Ass' meets 'Crow Zero', totally entertainer.

Action | Comedy | Crime

"You can't fight your destiny."

I took time to review this movie after the watch. This movie was not what I expected, you know what the first installment was better than this sequel. This 'Kick-ass 2' had so many jokes which are adult comedies, sometime those were too disgusting especially the puking one, ew. Don't forget the powerful gangster Mark Strong, the villain of the first movie, that led the movie to its success. But in this part, there are many villains and too weak in strength, I think except the 'Mother Russia'. And other villains are hyped too much for their strength in the intro then they were no way near to as what they were supposed to. Too many bad words used in this movie compared to first which makes not a family and kids friendly movie, just like the 'Scary movie'. Of course it was R rated movie, just for your information.

The Jim Carrey's role was small but liked though expected lots more from him. When it comes to the story, it was not that great but okayish type, remember I loved first part story very much. 'Kick-Ass' was one of my favourite action movie, the end fights were breathtaking especially the bazooka and flying thing they used. In this story there are too many characters that use superhero costumes and too many superhero names which sometimes looks like some Halloween party. The main character 'Kick-Ass' was slightly disappears when other costume characters in action, that's so disappointing. On the other side of the story the 'Hit-Girl' meets 'Mean Girls' and that's an off the track of what this movie is supposed to be. Chloe was excellent, she was a little girl at first, now in this she has grown up and for the next she will be a woman. There was no time for character developments, totally randomized in its appearances, except the Mindy who gets the cooled portion of the movie but slightly drags her role with 'Mean Girls' stuff.

We can say this movie is kind of an American version of 'Crow Zero' with men and women in fancy dresses. This movie keeps you alive because of its adult comedies and of course the awesome stunts. I liked the movie but not as much of its first part. I felt somewhere between two movies the bridge misled us. Better the third one should be very appropriate for its title. I'll tell something that this movie will definitely entertain you, no doubt about that but it won't be your favourite product of the year. It is hard to recommend it for one, like I said if you need entertainment then go for it but don't expect like the first, it was more like a youngster's movie.

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