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Maigret's Dead Man (2016) UK

Failed on the first hand, but that doesn't end there.

Crime, Drama, Mystery.

Approximately 6-minute read.

     Just a few months ago, when the first one in this television film series came out, I could not believe how an impressive brand new detective from the mid twentieth century Paris was made its way. Furthermore, it was Rowan Atkinson, who was in a never seen before avatar and that's made this new beginning very interesting. Since then I have been looking forward for its sequel. A British film sets in Paris, but was shot in Hungary with new Czech characters were added particularly for this part, totally a European flavour.

     This part actually came during the Christmas season, a couple of months ago, but I could not see it then until now. After watching it, I'm not in the same mood as I was in for the first film. This film has really taken a couple of steps back on what the original film had achieved. It is always good to watch films with a great cast and characters. The story was not bad, but being too simple and predictable was the biggest let down. So, for the most of us who liked the original, this installment will be a bit disappointment.

     As the Paris' best detective receives a call from an unknown person who claims his life is in danger since a couple of men following him everywhere, Maigret acts as quickly as he can, but fails to save the man. With the guilt for not doing much, he determined to find whoever behind it. After examining the body and making inquiries, he's set to go after the clues he had got. But how effective is his plan, would it lead to solve the case that covered in the remaining narration.

 It was nice being here with you, playing at a different life. I liked it. 

     The highlight of the film was the settings. In the old city with the limited resources to stop or solve the crimes compared to the present world, the brainpower comes into effect. The smart detectives and their brilliant strategies, I don't know that's how real was then back, but these novels and whoever wrote it are magnificent. This film was based on the book of the same name, directed by a British television filmmaker.

     The curiosity that was created in the opening does not stay for very long. Of course, at one point every mystery to be revealed, but those parts were not done smartly enough. The identities of the wrongdoers were disclosed much earlier. But the reason behind it was a bit suspenseful. Maigret's idea to involve his wife, gives her a chance to live a different life for a brief. Risky, but worth an attempt to get the attention of the killer.

     So there are lots of great scenes, though the film lacked serious thrills. Short film, fast paced is not enough. A cop film always needs a tight plot with a near miss kind of developments to keep the viewers on the edge of their seat. There are chases in the film, but those are common in any cop film. Those fresh perspectives are what the film needed badly.

     By the way the book was nearly 70 years old, so we can't blame the source. Between these years, many films used the same concepts which make it outdated for this flick. All they wanted to do was a little update. That's where I think this film failed. Other than than, a decent film in the series and I'll be surely looking forward to the next one called 'Crossroads' which is due this summer. So keep updated to follow the remaining films in the series.

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