Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jim: The James Foley Story (2016) USA

On the battlefront with a camera.

Documentary, Biography.

Approximately 4-minute read.

     I thought it had a chance at the Oscars. But after checking out the nominees again, I realised it's in there, except a place in the list of Original Song. Having watched it, I know it is not a masterpiece as it should have been, but the film's intention was fulfilled. They have revealed everything we wanted to know. Everything from the Jim's perspective, though his friends and family. In some way this film can be compared to 'Into the Wild'. The only difference is what kind of challenge those two were chosen to face. In one, about the nature and in another, made made.

     A man with no ambition, but he was desperate to do something and then finally he discovered what it is. So James Foley was an average American and had his family's backing of whatever he wanted to do with his life. But shocked them by announcing to be a photojournalist on the battlefront. His first volunteer assignment was in Libya. Made a few friends and ventured together to get what they wanted. Soon a terrible thing happened, but he did not back off. Following that he went to Syria and can he be second time lucky, is what the remaining tale discloses for us.

 Jim has a million dollar resume and a ten cent interview. 

     First of all, I knew Jame Foley story through the media coverages when it hit the headline a couple of years ago. But I did not know this film was based on that, until I saw it. Not easy to watch if you have already known what's going to happen at the end or seen the original clip. I was uncomfortable watching the entire film. Because I think I'm too soft for such kind of conclusion. All I know is if it was the Bush administration, the response would have been different.

     The film was directed by the Jim's childhood friend. I hope someday someone would make a feature film based on this documentary. If you had seen 'A Thousand Time Good Night', you would know what it is like to be in a combat zone. A similar kind of film, but the result was different. Those being the conflict journalists are really very brave to be at the frontline with the cameras, not the guns. Bullets and bombs flying everything, just one hit, totally fatal. Hats off to them to let us know what's happening in those parts of the world.

     It covered well, all the basic information about Jim, before entering to the crucial section. When you know enough about him, you start to feel and see from his perspective. There are some recreated accounts, just to give the original effect. But you have to have your own imagination, as much as possible realistic like when you do for reading books. Because that's where it little slipped away, otherwise, and still it is a great documentary. This is a must see film, particularly if you are familiar with the name James Foley.

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