Thursday, June 30, 2016

Maigret Sets a Trap (2016) UK

There's no master stroke without taking a risk. 

TV Movie, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller.

Approximately 6-minute read.

     Well, here's the first part in the latest detective film series made for television. Sets in the 1950s Paris, starred by Rowan Atkinson in the title role like you have never seen before. No doubt that he's a comedy legend, from the small kids to elderly men loves his shows and films, but recently he had needed a breakthrough and this film provided one.

     Detective themes, especially solving crimes are always expected to be more intelligent with full of twist and turns by the viewers. Be it Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes, the European style, especially in the classic attire including the black hat and pipe smoking, never fails to deliver. It was also adapted from the books by a Belgian writer. Very neatly told story that focused only one particular case. Another 3 films are due, one in later this year and the other two are set for next year. If you love Murder mysteries, then it is certainly worth a watch.

     Okay, the story takes place in the French capital, Paris. It opened with a catchy music track and the opening credits including the title graphics are with an impression of very classic. With the unsolved murder cases in the hand, chief inspector Jules Maigret visits a new crime scene where another young woman was killed. He finds a similar pattern in all those events and learns a serial killer on the loose. So instead to follow the clues he never got one, he decides to set a trap, a risky one. Well, does the killer take a bait, and if he does, then how Maigret proves his crimes to the press who are eagerly after the case since day one and the public who are shocked and scared of these killings is the film told with some style.

 So how would a killer react...
If someone else was given credit for his crime? 

     It is a perfect narration, if not an intelligent as you were anticipated. Because you know in the history of 100 years of film, there are hundreds of detective films and surely you might have seen at least a dozens that tops the league. So the prediction becomes your first priority which makes the turnarounds in the storytelling in a film is a normal thing. That's how you won't get much excited, unlike if you're young and haven't seen many which makes it is one of yours early films in this theme.

     Either way, it is a fine film. No matter how much you guess the next scenes and the dialogues or just sit back to enjoy, you will be well entertained in those 90 minutes. That mystery tone was well maintained in the whole narration. Even when Maigret nears to solve the crime, somewhere, somewhat, something tells you that it's not over yet and proving the crime becomes the subplot with increasing pace towards the conclusion. My only disappointment was the killer's motive. In order to make Maigret a great character, the negative character loses its strength otherwise it is almost a masterpiece.

     The focus on the characters was limited, especially in the first half it was all about Maigret and a bit of others who he was associated with like family, colleagues et cetera. Only after the halfway mark it expands and explore a new dimensional view as a possibility when a suspected criminal enters the frame. There's no room for the dull moments. I don't know the difference between the book and this film, but they got all the best parts to fill it with the interesting stuffs to keep the rhythm high at all the time. The film ends with the same French track as the opening, setting its trademark.

     The 'Johnny English' star in a similar character, but very serious and authentic. By the end this film series would definitely define his acting career to a new line. I am already beginning to think of the big screen version of this tale. But as a customary, lets wait for the next installment titled 'Maigret's Dead Man' which obviously going to be another classy. Well, that's the result, I'm hoping for. A British film about a French detective written by a Belgian writer, this is among the best summer films of the 2016 that you should not miss.

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