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Brothers of the Wind (2015) Austria

Once upon a time in the wild Alps valley.

Original title:
Wie Brüder im Wind (German)

Adventure, Drama, Family.

Approximately 6-minute read.

     It was almost like a fairy tale, about the relationship between a young boy and a bird. From Austria, but made in English language with the limited cast and a semi-documentary style film. It is a very similar theme to the French film 'The Fox & the Child', but sets in a different scenario. Get prepared to witness the stunning Austrian Alps valley with a story of where man meets the wild. A fine entertaining film, as well as to study the behaviour of this magnificent bird that targeted for the audiences of all ages.

     A simple story that sets in one summer of the 60s, that narrated by Jean Reno, who appeared as a forester. He recalls the story of a boy named Lukas, who developed an unusual bond with an eagle since it was a chick that fell from its nest. The boy named the bird Abel and stood by his side providing all needs like foods and training, till he become an adult. As a wild animal, his instinct urge him to act differently and so the Luka's love and care for Abel will gets difficult by every day. As the seasons change, time to define their actual relationship and that's what the film beautifully narrated.

     It was mostly the background narration like an episode telecasted in a nature channel than the film characters that delivers the lines, but overall the film was dominated by an awesome background score. The sound mixing was really great, along with the breathtaking photography, especially all the segment with the bird, landscapes and other animals. The camera angles were absolutely superb and the film unfolds some of the things that we haven't seen in the documentaries like the topics of conservation, poaching and other human activities, especially the take of wild Apls in the different seasons.

 To learn takes courage. And to teach, patience of a mother. 

     The boy was terrific, and so those shots with the animals, especially Abel in the different stages of his life. A great effort put by the crew to make such an incredible film in the unfriendly locations, mainly the animal trainers and the proper guidance from the wild/nature experts. One of the jaw-dropping scene was the face-off between the bird and the ibex. I don't know how it was done or taken an unused clip from nature film, but its addition brought the phenomenal effect to the film. Not all the sequences were lively captured, there are some CGI works too, but very well done that blends accurately.

     Besides the boy's friendship with the bird was like any kid who love to have one. So envious. In other side, his conflict with his father is what pushed him to get nearer to the Abel. Somewhat it relates, both, Abel and Lukas are in a same situation in their respective lives and tells how they together fight to break free from it. In the end it very clearly differentiates where everyone belong and their role in the mother nature.

     The story is not what you're going love, but the way it was narrated, mainly the technical brilliance makes us fall in love with it. A coming-of-age film, definitely a very rare kind with a quality narration. Medium pace, but very intense and surely can beat Disney nature films. For children, it is a must see, but for adults, it is not necessarily a must see and if you think that way, you are missing out some masterpiece of the nature's video portrait. You don't have to adore it or go after the flaws, just relax and enjoy it, that's it works.

Suitable for:
Tween, Teen, Adult, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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