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The Crow's Egg (2015) India

When PIZZA was replaced for the CROW'S EGG.

Original title:
Kaaka Muttai (Tamil)

Comedy, Drama.

Approximately 6-minute read.

     India is the world's largest film producer, but when it comes to the international standards, it falls short. They make movies for the domestic market only, just like the largest mango producer in the world and consumes it all with a 1% export rate. Even small countries that have no big market like India competes with the European standards. But in the recent times the changes have been seen, lots of parallel cinemas are made; is what called alternate to the masala films (mixed genres). The young generation supporting it, both from the audience and the filmmaker.

     The sad thing is they're choosing a wrong movie to represent the country in the Oscars, so as a result ending up with a disappointment every time. I thought last year they failed to pick 'The Lunchbox' as similar to this one for this year. I don't know whether they would have won the trophy, but these films need to be recognised in a big stage like that. Making into the final five reveals all the India films are not random musical beats. So my point is India missed the bus to the venue Dolby Theatre Hollywood, LA, USA for the second consecutive time.

     This film feels like a feather fallen out of the British film 'Slumdog Millionaire', but it was totally a different genre except sets in and about the slum kids. A simple story, yet very moving. Two young brothers go regularly to pick the crow's egg in an empty field near their slum since they can't offer chicken eggs. When the place is bought by a largest pizza network in the city to bring up their new branch, the kids fix their mind to taste their first pizza and put all the effort to make it happen. But again, they have to face all the odds and that's where the narration takes the turn before heading the end.

 I want pizza too, not dad. 

     Without the prior experience the two kids were so awesome in their performances. They two won the best child actor award at the Indian Academy Awards, including the film as the best children's movie of the year. The debutant director really did a great job, especially knowing there's no mass market for newcomers. I think the producers, Dhanush and Vetrimaran to appreciate for this movie to happen. No doubt why it did better at foreign markets than the local. Especially Kollywood does good in the East and Southeast Asia, unlike Bollywood that dominates Europe and North America.

     You know why this little film is a must see, because Indian films are known for different standards to the rest of the world, but when they make one out of their comfort that puts automatically a must watch. That's not the only reason, there are hundreds of themes yet to explore in Indian cinema and this is one of that. Like the two cute movie characters and their one innocent task, the scenes and music were well supported throughout.

     Some of the domestic issues that India is suffering from long back like the social status brought into the light with this. There's no equal respect in society for all the communities, only it is judged by their lifestyle. Most of the third world's social backward is only for this reason and obviously the lack of basic education. So it is really good when a movie is not only identified for its entertainment, but the message it carried out. It is an adorable, smart, funny, emotional, enjoyable family movie and one of the best of 2015 other than the Hollywood's or English language films. In the world cinema fanatic circuit, Indian films is the least followed, but this one is not to be missed.

Suitable for:
Tween, Teen, Adult, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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