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And Then There Were None (2015) UK

Let the countdown begin...

Season 1:
3 episodes.

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, TV Mini-Series.

Approximately 7-minute read.

     One of the many versions and the BBC's latest television adaptation of Agatha Christie's famous mystery novel of the same name. You might know as I mentioned many times earlier in my reviews that I'm not into books, so never ever bothered to try this book or any other, since I'm a movie fanatic I want surprises not spoilers, but I had seen the 1945 movie adaptation. It was a long time ago, a black & white movie, so I thought it's a time to check it out this.

     The famous books are always adapted numerous times for the screen. I usually enjoy them because they're made in the different timeline/era with a different style of presentation. This is my 2nd version of this story and it did not disappoint me at all. For being it a television product, it was a rich in production quality. Since it's a drama, that mostly happen in and around a single location, I believe it did not cost much.

     The island was awesome, very much looked like the one from 'Song of the Sea'. The outdoor shots were so pleasing, but most of the story takes place inside the mansion. I did not know all the cast, but those I knew were did not stay for very long. It was not the extraordinary performances, nevertheless great effort by all.

     This is a 3 episode mini series made for television and each one began and ended so well. I think the splits were the crucial and it was very nicely done to keep the pace of suspense up all the time. But it was a slow start, and I lost interest in the opening itself. Not until the near end of the first episode I was drawn to it and the remaining two were so much better than I anticipated, especially the last episode was a grand.

 We are cut off. Rats in a barrel.
This is the peace before the carnage. 

     While the plot getting too tighter, all the characters became stronger. Especially the reactions to each other for the threat they were facing. In all that, the better parts were the brief flashbacks about their past events which were the key for their struggle to survive. That's how it was extended to 3 parts for almost 3 hours long. Mainly because of that I liked this series, which gives the reasons in pictures for the viewers why all the ten characters brought into such position.

     As we already know this story, we can expect everything to happen as it should be, but some minor changes were made all along, especially the ending was quite different than what I knew. But as far the book's concern, it was the closest one. I was not impressed by that, I would have not liked the other way around either for creativity lapse. So in that case I welcome the honestness which was at least something different than the movie I previously saw.

     In the end, I kind of felt like I saw a fusion between the original material and the movie 'Saw'. Except it was not a violent movie, since the violence is the mystery to solve, that is where the strength lies in this movie to entertain all sections of the audiences. I would like to suggest it, because this might the best version available as many were saying, yet I can't confirm that as I have seen only two including this.

     And finally. I hope there will a season 2. As I know only Nick Willing does that, but the thing is it was not a fairytale. These days sequels were made out everything, so what I'm expecting is not a crazy. I would definitely prefer the prequels to all those ten people's past events which led them to the island. That would be so awesome.

Suitable for:
Tween, Teen, Adult, All

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Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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